10 Things That Could Cause Body Odour That Should Be Avoided


Last Updated on 2021-10-25 , 3:38 pm

Body odour, or BO as it is popularly known, is possibly the number one reason why some people remain single all their lives, get passed over during promotion and become the loner in the office and in class.

BO is a horrible enemy, and one which everyone is happy to be rid of.

Unknown to some of us, BO could be removed by reducing some of the things that we eat, drink and use regularly.

Here are some of the culprits you might not aware of!

Tobacco aka cigarettes
We all know how recently a person smoked just by smell. The odour is strong on a person who just had a cigarette, but the smell tends to wear off after some time. However, if a person is a chain-smoker, or uses heavy-duty tobacco, the nicotine and other toxic elements passed through the lungs to the blood stream, influencing the skin pores’ smell, turning teeth yellow and worsening breath odour. It also caused smokers to sweat more than other people, making them smell bad faster.

Sweet peas
Peas in general are the most flatulence-influencing products. Sweet peas, however, seems to take the top. With highly-indigestible proteins, it causes increased gas production in your bowels. In order to reduce the negative effects of peas, soak them in water for eight hours before cooking them.


Curry, cumin and caraway
Spice lovers should take note of this. Curry and cumin influence pore wastes for a few days while caraway makes urine smell nasty. If you are a spice lover, consider reducing these three spices and go for something gentler such as ginger or cardamom.

Black tea and Coffee
We have lots of coffee and black tea lovers in Singapore. The bad news for you is that both beverages increase stomach acidity and dryness in the mouth. If you don’t have enough spit, bacterial growth will cause unpleasant mouth odour. Both drinks also stimulate sweating and potentially make you smell worse than you should.

Excessive alcohol
Drunkenness is ugly and a drunk person is nowhere nice-smelling as well. The liver is unable to process the excessive amount of alcohol that you drink and the alcohol gets transmitted through the blood circulatory system to your lungs and comes out as a boozy breath. The body will also get rid of excessive alcohol by turning it into acetic acid, which is removed via the skin with a strong smell.

Excessive red meat
Red meat is good for the body but it is hard to digest. If you eat a lot of red meat, your body is unable to digest it fast enough. Hence, the red meat begins to rot inside your body, influencing the odour of body waste in a bad way. Eating red meat more than twice a week can negatively influence your BO so go slow on those.


Chilli, Garlic and Onion
It is easy to detect if your friend has eaten chicken rice with garlic chilli for lunch because the stench coming out of his mouth is revealing. Chilli, garlic and onion accumulate substances that are discharged through your lungs and sweat, making your mouth and body to smell bad. The bad smell will stay for several hours on ends, so make sure you stay away from these three culprits if you are planning a romantic dinner.

Fibrous Products
Cereals, nuts and granola are known to be fantastic sources of fibre. They help with the digestive system and keeps you full longer. However, they tend to generate lots of gas that can be quite awful. If you take a lot of such products, remember to drink lots of water to dilute the effects.

The King of fruits is also the King of bad smell to some people. Most Singaporeans would agree that the smell of durian is heavenly, but that same smell represents rotten fish, dung or dirty sheets to others. So, if you love durians, remember not to go near those who hate durian for the next few days because durians are known to follow their lovers for a period of time after consumption.

Certain types of fish
Do you know that certain types of fish such as tuna and trout can give you a fishy BO? These fishes have a lot of choline (vitamin B4). It adds a certain fishy BO to the natural body smell and can give a person a fish BO that needs to be treated with a special diet and medication.

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