10 things that really should always be in a man’s wallet

Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:28 pm

Guys, do you have these 10 things in the wallet? Now, we’re not going to say if you have more than half of these, you’re a man. But honestly, do you have them? If you don’t, you’re not one. Just sayin’.

Obviously you need to have some money in your wallet. If you are just common folk like us, then we suggest you have at least $20 at all times in your wallet. Although many places now accept credit card, it will come in handy when you need to buy kopi, or when you need a little bit of cash for unforeseen circumstances.

Your IC
The pink one(Unless you’re in NS) with your face and address and basically all your info on it. It serves 2 purposes, first is for self identification purposes, when people don’t believe you when you say your name is John Lennon, for example(pls come and meet us if you’re really called John Lennon), The other purpose is in case you lose your wallet, people can know how to contact and give it back to you.

Credit card
Unless you like carrying several hundred dollars with you when you want to buy something, you better have a credit card with you. It can save you a lot of unnecessary effort. And paranoia.

Membership cards
To save money, duh! 10% discount for $100 of groceries is worth 2 cans of beer!

Name card
Have them with you at all times–even if you’re unemployed or at a social event. No man is an island, and you will want to keep in contact with someone you’ve met at some point of time. Having name cards with you will make the process much easier, and it might also just be your first step to success.

Photos of Loved Ones
To motivate and remind you of what’s important in life. Just make sure, don’t ever use the original photo in your wallet. Use a copy.

For that unexpected woohoo you might be getting, or to simply create the false impression that you are having a great time. There’ll be wear and tear that’ll weaken it when it’s kept for long periods of time in the wallet. But of course, it’s not going to stay there for long, right? *wink*

A pen
You’ll need to write sometime.

Phone number of someone you trust
Relying on your phone for everything is not a good idea. What if you drop your phone into the toilet bowl when you’re drunk? And, you’ll definitely not be able to remember your mom’s phone number when you’re drunk. Also, if you start hearing the dog talking, you certainly NEED that slip of paper. Don’t trust the dog when he says your mom’s number is 96248533.

Just keep enough for you to take a bus, or buy a can of drink.