10 Things to Buy from SAF eMart (Yes, There’s eMart Online Shopping Too)


Last Updated on 2022-10-06 , 10:04 pm

Guys. Guys. Come on, guys, admit it: when it comes to the SAF e Mart, what do you usually buy? Arc of fire sticks? Range card? Garters? And after that? Well, shoes, towels and those things that our girlfriends or wives need at home. Do you know that you can apparently shop online as well? Yes, there is a legit e Mart online shopping page.

So to save you the trouble (because we guys spend just so little time shopping and more time drinking with our kakis), here’re the stuff you’ve got to buy from the e Mart when you’ve got too many credits.

And ladies, you should get the drift.

Swimming Trunks

Image: SAF eMART

A pair of swimming trunks in the e Mart is only $4.27 if you buy them offline, and $3.53 if you buy them online. Oh, and it isn’t those sexy triangle ones, but those that cover much of your skin. I don’t know about you, but a pair of swimming trunks at less than $4.00 is almost impossible to find nowadays!

PT Shoes

Image: SAF eMART

Need I elaborate more? With the new designs, it is a must-buy. No matter what it is, make sure you’ve got at least $50 in your account before going to an e Mart, because it’s a sin not to have collected all the designs, from the New Balance ones to the Adidas ones.

And if any ladies are wondering whether it really costs less than $50…yeah, I ain’t bluffing. The New Balance model above costs S$43.55. You’re welcome.


Dress Shoes (No. 3 Shoes)

Image: SAF eMART

If you just want a pair of durable shoes for you to wear to the office daily, this is the best one for you. I’ve personally bought a pair and it lasted so long, it isn’t Buy And Throw Away quality. But do note that the design is a little…old-fashioned, to say the least.

Grey Ankle Socks

Image: SAF eMART

I won’t recommend the thick green shoes, nor the black socks, but the grey ankle socks, are BFF with any shoes. Comfortable, lightweight and cheap, this is a must-have in your wardrobe. Best of all? It looks so much like other socks, no one would have known that you’ve got it in your friendly e Mart store.


Lest you’re thinking that given the low price of $1.84 offline and $1.67 online, it is those old-school mercury types, think again. It’s a digital version, and since we all would definitely need one at home, why not just get it from the Mart? Moreover, where the heck can you find a digital thermometer that costs less than $2? Qoo10 not included, of course.

Day Bag

Image: Carousell (Image for illustration purpose only)

Okay, I initially thought that this is called a “driver’s bag” until I saw it in eMart online. At $34.31 offline and $31.22 online, it might seem a little pricy but here’s the thing: all bags in SAF are almost indestructible. After all, it’s meant to be carried to battle (well, not sure if this is, though…), so you can expect it to be highly durable.


Image: SAF eMART

Having used so many flashlights in my life, the SAF one is definitely the best so far. It looks good, is strong and can even show different colours; get a few of them and you can create a disco at night. While the price of $10.59 (both online and offline) might turn you off, you might want to think of this scenario: during a blackout, would you like to knock your head just because you want to save a few dollars?

Insect Repellent Spray

Image: SAF eMART

Ask anyone who has used this and they’ll have the same response: “SAF insect repellent, best lah!” Known to be a lifesaver for NSFs (because NSmen usually bring…something that smells good), it can repel not just mosquitoes, but any insects, be it crawling or flying, like a boss.

Just remember to follow the instructions, if not the colours of the clothes will also repel.

Green Towel

Image: SAF eMART

This isn’t just a towel: it’s something that absorbs water so well that no one, absolutely no one, would bother to bring any other towels to camp. Its popularity is already a testimonial—but here’s something even better: it costs only $6.06 offline and $5.51 online.

Black Gloves (half-finger)

Image: SAF eMART

If you’re a gym rat, you’ll know that gloves are your best friend. Instead of using a Nike or Adidas one, why not go with an army one? It’s so comfortable that we all have worn it for days without even feeling them on our hands.

And you can look like Captain Yoo from Descendants of the Sun, too.

So as you can see from all the products listed above, e Mart online shopping is the way to go because clearly, you can get so many things at a cheaper price. Spend less with the convenience of not even having to leave the house? Yes, please.

Update: In September 2022, SAF started an “eMart” in Lazada. You can watch this video to know more about this “eMart”:

Feature Image: Chevrons

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