10 Thoughts Every Procrastinator Would Have Before Getting Their Work Done

Everyone is a procrastinator, in some ways or another. No matter how hardworking you may be, there are days where you’d just want to laze around and simply bask in the comfort of your own bed. So here are 10 thoughts every procrastinator would have before getting their work done.

1. I’ll start tomorrow


It’s always one more day, one more day, until which your submission is the next day. No matter how early you want to start your work, nothing in you have any bit of motivation to pull out your laptop and work on your report.

One glance at Microsoft word sends you running to YouTube. And lo and behold, the next thing you know, you have to submit your report the following day. That’s when shit gets real.

2. I’ll just start my work at 10pm, I probably wouldn’t take too long anyways


I mean… How long does one report take? I’m sure if I set my mind to it, I should take less than two hours, right? But let’s face it, it almost never just take two hours.

3. Just one more episode


One episode equals to 30 minutes. It’s not that bad, I can always sleep half an hour later. How bad can it be?

4. Can I ask to extend my deadline

4You stare at your report and deep down you know you’ll never make it. I mean, 1500 words more to type and it’s 2am in the morning? Is that even possible?

Your mind starts whirling with ideas to tell your lecturer, in hopes that she might let you off the hook. What if I say I was running a high fever? Or that I had food poisoning? Surely she’ll extend my deadline, right?I’ll just browse social media for inspiration

5. I’ll just browse social media for inspiration


You sit there stoning at your screen blankly for a good 30 minutes and decided to just head over to social media instead.

Well, why waste 30 minutes when you could have used the time to stalk interesting human beings or watch new Facebook videos? Who knows, you might just have a sudden inspiration!

6. What is the shortest route to getting the work done

It’s not all bad being a procrastinator, we have our perks too. I know of a friend who once started on his final year project with his groupmates one week before the submission. Mind you, he had an entire year to work on it and he only truly started one week before.

Even his lecturers have lost faith in their group but guess what? They actually produced impressive work and scored As for it. This is proof that as procrastinators, we tend to find the shortest and most effective way in getting the job done.

7. I’ll just take a short nap, and do my work after

I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t happened to me a million times before. I’ll try (keyword: try) doing my work for at least 10 minutes before my eyelids start to feel a tad heavy. And for some odd reason, this only happens when I’m doing my work.

I’ll decide to take a short 10 minutes nap to perk myself up but let’s be real, it’s never just 10 minutes.

7. I need to go out and get snacks before doing my work


Any excuse just to get away from doing work is great. And come on, snacks is essential while working. I need my sugar rush and fatty junk food to keep me motivated.

9. I’ll wake up super early the next morning to do it


This is never, I repeat, never a good idea. I used to assume that I’d be able to wake up at 5am to finish my work but that has never once been successful. I’ve tried it more than thrice and each time, I find myself waking up at 7am when my submission is at 9am.

10. It’s 11.59pm and you just made it before the time is up. And you promise yourself that you’ll never procrastinate ever again


After going through that amount of stress trying to complete your work, you vow that the next time round, you’ll start way earlier. No more rushing the night before. You’re so pumped up to sit down for one hour

No more rushing the night before. You’re so pumped up to sit down for one hour every day to finish up some work, and you imagine this whole scenario where you do a little bit every day.

So that you can complete your work a day or two before your submission. But till today, that fantasy has yet to come true. Well, you know what they say – once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator.

Feature Image: Apples Eyes Studio / Shutterstock.com

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