10 toughest jobs in S’pore only tough people can do

Last Updated on 2017-05-11 , 8:19 pm

There are tough jobs everywhere, ranging from long hours work to work that require manual labour. Or perhaps, work that deprives you of happiness because you can never please your customers/consumers/clients.

Here are the 10 toughest jobs in Singapore only tough people can do – what’s yours?

Civil Servant
Because no more internet access. OH. MY. GOD.

Most of the cleaners you see on the streets are foreigners, but if you observe more you will find some old grandmothers or grandfathers cleaners of shopping mall toilets or office buildings. I mean, it’s tough for old people doing such jobs right? And people only notice you when you screwed up. Well done.

Shaking cocktails and making concoctions may seem like the easiest thing in the world, but bartenders have to deal with drunken people almost every day. Or entertain people who attempt to become friends with them for the benefit of getting free drinks. Do you know how many cocktails there are? Yes, they’ll need to memorise all the ingredients to that.

Fine dining restaurant server/chef
Their job is to make rich diners feel satisfied and to provide the best service there ever was. Everyday. If they want it medium rare you better not give them well done or there goes your job.

Internships are extreme, they’re either so good you wish you can work there forever or they suck so much you wish you were dead. Polytechnic interns may feel the most about this, imagine being paid 300 bucks a month but you still have to travel to work and eat lunch every day.

It’s all about the experience, they said. But then again how many of us actually did use our polytechnic internship in resumes?

Factory workers
Similar to people who work at Tuas. Their job is either a morning shift commencing as early as 7am or they have to work overnight shifts. Doing routine stuff for long hours every day seems simple but trust me, you can’t last a month.

Talking and more talking. If your mouth stops in this case, your money stops. You know how shitty days can get with horrible customers.

People who work at Tuas
Working at Tuas means your work starts as early as 7am. You’ll have to wake at probably 5am and ensure that you catch the company buses. If not…perhaps you’ll have to walk there. Even cabs don’t want you as their passengers. We don’t want to imagine how it’s like to drive to Tuas either, peak hour jams are so bad they will make you doze off.

People will be judging you if you can’t do mental sums fast. Cashiers have a heavy responsibility on cash floats and stuff.

Call centre staff
Like the call centre person who answers your queries when you speak to the car park gantry cash card machine. They must have fallen asleep while waiting for someone to speak to them. There are the telemarketers who have to “pester” people on phones and get used to people screaming in their ears before the call ends. Life is tough.

Looking at how ferocious Singaporeans are with regards to government related issues, they can never do anything that will make every Singaporean happy. It’s a world full of complaints.

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