10 Toys Kids in 90s Would Beg Their Parents to Buy For Them

Last Updated on 2023-03-04 , 3:38 pm

If there is a time travel machine, I’m pretty sure whoever goes back in time would be shocked at what we used to play in the 90s.

I mean, aeroplanes that we can’t control, unlike the drones we have now? And heck, playing with erasers?

Pretty interesting that we used to beg our parents to buy these toys. If you’re a kid in the 90s, so you remember any of these toys?

Foam Aeroplane

Image: Lazada

This was one of my favourite toys because I used to play them with my brothers. Some old shops like the mama shops still sell them for about 60 cents an aeroplane. Other than planes, there were also foam birds to play with – my favourite was the Eagle. And oh, you’ll have to assemble them yourself.

Flag Erasers

Image: MTRADE Singapore

Kids today won’t see these as toys but in the past, we don’t use erasers to…erase. We use them for “eraser wars”.  Each of them used to be ten cents a piece, though inflation might have jacked the price up nowadays.

And it was so much fun to increase our collection each time we won a match. Unless you’re the loser, then you’d get into trouble for “losing” your erasers. Yah, it was that serious.

Donkey Cards

Image: toysnchocolates.com

Or even Old Maid or Snap. Those cards were our livelihood before we dabbled with Poker cards. It wasn’t uncommon for our friends to own them so we would beg our parents to buy the cards for us.

Plastic Toy Soldiers

Image: U.S. Toy

Another one of my favourite toys, my brothers and I would beg my mum to get us another packet of these soldiers every time we started to lose the old ones or we broke the soldiers’ heads off while being too violent.

Brick Game

Image: Shopee

Tetris was an all-time favourite. Even our parents stole the console so they could play the game. They’re still being sold now (in fact, in supermarkets no less), but kids today would rather play it in colour on their phones.


Image: Amazon

This was such a craze back then! There were the expensive ones selling in Popular bookstores, and there were the cheaper ones selling in those toy vending machines where you had to insert a dollar to play.

Robot Dog

Image: eBay

McDonald’s toys were so hip back then. I had about four of these robot dogs and I entertained myself by watching them move and bark with their red eyes. To die for toys.

Water Ring Toss

Image: Amazon

Bet you didn’t know there’s a name for this, eh? This could well be the most challenging and annoying toy ever. Getting the rings into the toss isn’t just difficult: it’s humanly impossible. Or so I thought.

Slap Bracelet

Image: ubuy.vn

Primary school kids were so hyped up over this. It was even more hyped up when these bracelets started replacing watch straps. We would often use these bracelets to hit other people until our parents found out and banned us from using them anymore.

Rainbow Spring

Image: Shopee

Not sure what it is about this toy that captured the attention of young souls, but it did. And the horror of having to straighten the coils whenever it got tangled was real. We had to fix it because our parents simply wouldn’t get a new one for us! And by the way, although it’s rainbow coloured, it wasn’t the rainbow that attracted us to it. It’s just…something else.