10 types of drunk people you meet in S’pore clubbing scene


Visit any club in Singapore and you are bound to meet these people. The people I’m referring to are those who get drunk and get up to all sorts of funny situations.

Here are some types of drunk people you will find in Singapore clubs that you wish you have never met. Or maybe you’re one yourself?

I’m not Drunk
He/she will always insist that they are not drunk, but they’re staggering around like nobody business. Or they’re so red you wonder if they’re alright.

I Cannot Already
What usually follows is Standard Operating Procedure: drunk guy says, “I’m drunk liao”, “…”, drunk guy collapse before anyone can support him. Familiar?

Kick Lai Liao
Lai liao, lai liao, really lai liao. Then they’ll rush off to the toilet or just a convenient patch of grass to throw up his liquor, dinner and maybe even lunch.

The Fighter
Alcohol is also known as liquid courage and over consumption of it can sometimes lead you to think that you are invincible. Well, no wonder I saw a guy drunkenly punching a tree before. And yelling like he’s winning. Well done.

The Chiongster
Once they have drunk enough, they’ll pull their friends to the dance floor, whether they’re willing or not. Or for that matter, sober or not.

The Crybaby
Ever seen a girl sitting down at the side crying inconsolably while an awkward nice guy beside her pat her back comfortingly while she’s crying about her ex-boyfriend who left her cuz she’s too ugly and how she missed him so much? Oh, did we mention that the awkward nice guy mentioned above might be her current boyfriend?


The Blubberler
Typical conversation between the blubberler and their friend.

The Merlion
No this is not the statue you find near the Singapore River. This merlion is someone who will release everything once he had one drink too many. In a beautiful arc.

The Sleeping Beauty
This indivdual has the ability to sleep anywhere and everywhere, regardless of location and noise level. Don’t believe us? Check out Clark Quay bridges after party nights.

The Shaker
Asking them to dance when they’re sober is like trying to get money from your wife. Impossible. But when they’re drunk, they won’t move away from the dance floor no matter how you beg them to, because their uncoordinated shaking is too embarrassing to be true.

Top Image: Dragon Images / Shutterstock.com

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