10 Types of Boss That Cause High Employee Turnover Rate in a S’pore Company


Last Updated on 2020-12-03 , 6:43 pm

Having a dream job is more than just doing what you like. There are plenty of other factors at play here, including but not limited to colleagues, compensation, rewards and your boss.

A boss is someone who makes or breaks your career. He can push you to higher levels or he can stagnate and destroy it before it starts.

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Here are 10 types of bosses, if you have them at your workplace, that might mean it’s time to look for other options.

1. The Micromanager

He or she wants to control everything that goes on in the workplace. They don’t trust you to do your work well and tell you what to do all the time. Not only does it destroy your self-esteem, you’ll find yourself not growing because your hands are being held all the time. Before long, you’ll find that you can’t quit because you’re not competitive enough for the employment market.

2. The Blamer

Whenever things went wrong, it’s the team. If the project has to be extended for two weeks, it’s because the team did not hand in their work on time. If the sales fell for the third month in a row, it’s not because the boss didn’t find out what’s wrong with the products but because his employees are lazy. And if things go well..?

3. The Credit Snatcher

It’s all because of him. He was the one to push the team, the one to insist that things must be done in this way to achieve the best results. It doesn’t matter that it was you who suggested that things should be done this way, it’s him who made the project succeed. Whatever recognition you could have had in the company is taken away from you and you can’t do nuts about it.

4. The Scary Boss

We’ve all met this type of bosses at least once in our lives. He’s the kind who believes in using fear as a way to get his employees to work. Rewards are for the weak, the only way to get things done is to threaten. Cannot meet the workload? I’ll fire you. Can’t OT today? Be prepared to be stuck at your position for decades. Can’t bring him coffee? I’ll make sure you don’t get your increment. Well, you get the idea.

5. The “Everything also I’m Right” Boss

When your boss listens to your suggestions seriously and implements them, you’ll feel like you’re at the top of the world. You’re doing something great and someone higher up appreciates your talent. But if your boss happens to be the one who thinks he knows best and shoots down every suggestion you made, you’re going to feel stupid, unmotivated and decide to just go through life one day at a time. And worse still is the boss who’s wrong but insists that he’s right. Then when things goes wrong, he refuses to take responsibility for his mistakes.

6. The One Who Doesn’t Lead by Example

You’re working your ass off and leave the office at 9pm while he always leaves on the dot. He’s always telling you to work hard but you see him slacking on the job during office hours. And to make things worse, he’s always getting an ‘A’ grade for his performance and a hefty bonus every year while you slog your ass off.


7. The One Who Gets Stepped on by Other Bosses

If there is a redistribution of duties among the teams, you can be sure that your team will be given the heaviest workload simply because he wasn’t able to say ‘no’ to the other bosses. When it comes to getting the best, you know your team is out of the running. Which team needs to stay back on the weekend to deal with some extra work? It’s you. Which team has to stay after office hours because of a client? It’s probably you. And during the festive season, if a team has to be in the office? Yup, it’s probably you again.

8. The Vague Boss

Bosses are there to give direction and make you apply efforts in the right direction. They’re leaders and in NS, they’re the ones who point in a certain direction while you chiong ah! Now imagine getting a vague boss who never tells you the direction you should chiong towards. You’re most probably going to be wasting a lot of effort on useless tasks that need not be done at all. And you can bet it’s not going to reflect well on you as an employee because, #2.

9. The Useless Boss

He doesn’t know what to do except to tell people they’re wrong. He doesn’t know what you do, what he’s supposed to do and what the entire issue is all about. He has nothing to teach you because he doesn’t even know himself!

10. The Too-Nice Boss

Okay, this might come as a surprise to you but it’s true. This is one boss that will ultimately do you in. He doesn’t like to be the bad guy so he appears satisfied with your work performance, your attitude and generally lets you get away with things.

Come grade performance results released and you’ll realise that he actually hate your guts. If I were you, I’ll prefer someone who lets me know what I’m doing wrong so that, at least, I’ll have a chance to clean up my act. It’s pretty hard to correct yourself if you don’t even know what’s wrong, right?

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