10 types of friends that you should just delete from your life


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 1:15 pm

All of us have good friends, best friends and friends that come by once in a while that most of us will term as acquaintances. With good friends, there will always be those few creepy crawly lousy friends that hang around and suck out all our life force from us while trying to turn us into their zombies.

Below are 10 types of “friends” we all need to get rid of from our lives to lead a better, healthier one.

The backstabbers
They are fine and dandy in front of you. And then once your back is turned, they bad mouth you like no other. Probably the biggest a-holes in the “bad friends” category, if you even consider keeping them around as one.

The whiners and drama queens
Whining and creating drama once in a blue moon is not a big issue. We are only human and sometimes, we just need to let it all out. But when whining and being overly dramatic about every single thing in their lives become an everyday thing, that’s’ when it’s time to leave them. Not only will these “friends” drain your energy, they will drain your time and brainpower because you will constantly have to entertainment them in a bid to stop them from becoming bigger pains than they already are.

The negative possums
Negativity is the worst. It saps anybody immediately and the darkest ones will quickly overtake any positive thoughts you may have about any situation ever. These “friends” always have something bad to say about any scenario. I don’t recommend asking them about that new dream job you are about to take on. They might just make you feel so demoralized about it you feel like quitting even before you start.

The big spenders
Occasionally indulging in a good meal or going on a well-deserved trip with friends are perfectly fine. But once you have a “friend” who INSISTS on doing everything the expensive way and wants you to do the same, and does not take no for an answer, it’s time to go. Especially if you have made it clear that you cannot afford the royal price tag.


Of course unless your friend says he/she will pay for you but since we are talking toxic friends here, just leave them will you?

The fair weather ones
Need I say more? They are only around when you have something good for them and disappear the minute you fall. If you have “friends” like this, I recommend you do the same back to them, and then drop them.

The ones who are always late
Alike the “friends” with expensive tastes, having a friend who is late once in awhile due to good reason is ok. But when this “friend” starts being late EVERY. GODDAMN. TIME., you give him/her a fair warning, followed by a scolding proper and finally, the boot. These “friends” obviously have no respect for you and your time so why should you?

The selfish ones
They only care about themselves. Enough said.

The money borrowers
Pay money, owe money. These bloodsuckers will keep borrowing and never repaying even if they promised to do so umpteen times. As a saying in Chinese goes, “Talking about money hurts relationships” so out you go, my “friend”.

The full of excuses ones
This one is perhaps one of the more interesting species. Every time you arrange to meet up, or ask to borrow something, or ask to talk, they will never fail to have a “reason” on hand to not be able to make it. “Oh my grandma in hospital I got to go see her”, “Oh my grandpa in hospital I got to go see him”, “Oh now my aunt has been admitted to hospital I got to go see her”. So who’s next? You is it?

The truly uninspired ones
Negative friends are not the same as uninspired ones. This group of friends are possibly the least harmful of the lot, if you don’t let their laziness get to you that is. They have no drive in life to do anything with their lives and so hope that those around them are the same too so they won’t feel so bad about it.

Sorry bro, you are on your own.

I hope to goodness you don’t have friends like these but if you do, try shakingthem awake first before resorting to dumping them altogether. Sometimes, the best friendships can be forged after a storm.

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