10 Types of Toxic Friends Everyone Has & How to Spot Them


It’s a common misconception that having lots of friends means that you’re somehow in a better position and more popular.

Once you mature, you’ll realize that having a few good friends who can form long lasting and honest relationships is much more enriching than having hundreds of superficial friends who bring nothing good into your life.

The people you surround yourself with are important, as they determine your happiness in the long run. You may recognize some of these characters in your group of friends right now who you may want to consider saying goodbye to.

Better-Than-You Betty
Toxic Betty isn’t concerned about your opinions because hers is always better than yours. She considers you beneath her, and won’t give you any space for expressing what you think or feel because ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow!”

Negativity Nate
Honesty is the best policy in a friendship, but with Negative Nate, there’s nothing positive in this world at all. Everyone and everything sucks and he’s all about whining about his life. Negative Nate hates everyone and everything, and thrives on spreading horrible vibes. You’ll be better off with someone more balanced who can actually spread positivity.

Leeching Lucy
You can recognize this one fairly easily as that one friend who promises to pay you back for a meal or a cinema ticket but then ‘forgets’ it even though several years have passed. These types of friends will keep on taking, but they hardly give and are very miserly with their resources, leading to an unequal friendship.

Judgemental Judy
Nothing is good enough for Judgemental Judy and she has no qualms about criticizing your dressing, your choice of partner, your choice of University or even your choice of lunch food.  Somehow, you’re always not doing things right and when you go to her to unburden your problems, Judgemental Judy just has to find a way to tell you that it’s your fault you ended up like this.


Irresponsible Ian
He says he’ll make it at 2pm but reaches an hour late. He promises to get you tickets to that K-pop concert, but it all comes to naught. You reach a point where you just can’t trust Irresponsible Ian because he never sticks to what he says.

Manipulative Mary
Mary gets what she want, when she wants it and when she doesn’t get it, she throws a tantrum and emotionally blackmails everyone in the group to either take her side or support her argument. She’s also a pro at playing with people to achieve her own private agenda.

Control Freak Calvin
Calvin isn’t just concerned about getting his own life in order, he wants to run your life too. From telling you what exercise you should do, to who else you mix around with, Calvin just wants to know everything so that he can make sure you live the way he thinks best. Calvin will sets all sorts of rules for your group of friends and gets upset when someone doesn’t follow his regulations.

Materialistic Matt
For Materialistic Matt, you’re defined by how much assets you own and how much money you have. All he can talk about is his new business venture and how he wants to climb the corporate world. Nothing wrong with being ambitious, but you’ll soon realize that he’s filled with greed and it isn’t helping you.

Drama Queen Danielle
She loves the limelight and will do all sorts of things to get noticed on social media. No private message is private to her and making screen captures of disagreements public is her forte. She revels in gossip and drama, but be wary, or else you’ll be dragged into unnecessary situations.

Sensitive Steven
When everything you say is taken in a bad light, even though you say it in a gentle and polite way, you know you’re dealing with an oversensitive individual. Hanging around means that you’ll be walking on egg shells all the time so that he doesn’t burst into tears or has an emotional outburst.

Now, how many of these friends do you have?

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