10 Types of Uber Drivers We S’poreans Absolutely Hate

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Most of us, if not all, have travelled with Uber before. Personally, I am a frequent user of Uber myself – using the app about 4 times a week, and there’re just many types of them the road.

We have the super nice and siao on in terms of their customer service, but there are also those whom you will wish you had taken the public transport instead. Here are 10 types of Uber drivers we absolutely hate.

The Angry Man
These drivers will start ranting non-stop about their work experience with Uber. From the management to other customers they’ve encountered. And you’ll be sitting there going “ya….ya….ya lor….uh huh….yaya….”  not because you agree, but because you don’t want to be rude.

The Self-Entitled Uncle
These are the ones that will make you extremely angry even before you reach your office. They are the ones that purposely drive off if you’re not at the location they stopped at or when you’re late. They will just drive off without notifying you. In the end, you’ll have to pay for the $6 cancellation fees because they make you cancel the trip. Here’s a tip: next time you see the location of the car is getting further away from your pick up point by the minute, take several screenshots so that you can appeal to the Uber management regarding the cancellation fees.

The Self-Entitled Uncle Who Kena Complain
These are the ones that complain non-stop even when they are the ones at fault.

The Super Hao Lian
These drivers brag endlessly about their lives. From what house they stay in to what companies and what position they have worked before working as an Uber driver. Their reason for working as an Uber driver? To make friends and pass time. You won’t get to say anything with these drivers around. Might as well just let their words enter from the right ear, exit from the left ear.

The Overly Enthu
We don’t hate them for giving us such excellent service. What we hate is when they keep asking if we need something every 5 minutes. From tissue papers to iPhone charger. So what’s the motive behind such excellent service? Rate them 5 stars at the end of your journey. Drivers, if you’re always in our face with such forced service, no 5 stars for you.

The Dirty Fellow
Needless for any explanation. We ladies do not need your tiko stares the moment we board your car. Just keep your eyes on the road and not make any moves on us. Thank you very much.

The Pro-Government Guy
Don’t let them start talking about the government. They will start to talk as though they are running for the next election and want your support. Once these guys start, they will not stop until you reach your destination.

The Anti-Government Guy
Just like the pro-government guy, but with a different objective. They will start talking about what the government is not doing good and give suggestions on what should be done instead. Are they hoping one day the passenger would be someone who works in the government sector so that the complaints can be heard?

The Guy Who Can’t Read The GPS
Despite having GPS to help them, somehow these drivers can take the wrong turn. A typical 20 minutes ride with them may end up taking 40 minutes. You wish you’ve taken the public transport in this scenario.

The F-1 Driver
You thought their speeding was bad, wait till they make a turn. You’ll start praying the moment they make their first turn with you on board.

We also have a video on Uber Drivers in Singapore We Cannot Tahan. Some of the points are covered in the video. Do check them out!

Featured image: Shutterstock / Prathan Chorruangsak

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