10 Unknown Facts About The Original Ghostbusters You Must Know Before Watching The 2016 Reboot Movie

The original Ghostbusters is one of the most-loved horror, sci-fi and comedy films of all time. So one can only imagine the mixed feelings, excitement and criticisms that arose when a reboot for the film was announced especially because it’s featuring lead female roles rather than men like the original.

However, if you are planning to watch the movie if you haven’t already, here’s some fun facts about the original Ghostbusters that you might find interesting.

Ghost Smashers was the initial title

Scriptwriter and actor for the film, Dan Aykroyd originally gave the title Ghostsmashers before final settling with Ghostbusters.

Slimer was known as Onion Head on set

Not only because the stench was its main characteristic but because the costume itself stink of onions.

Most of the acting was not by the script

In fact, there was a lot of ad-libbing. One famous line that Bill Murray came up with on the spot was the line, “We came, we saw, we kicked its ass”.

Eddy Murphy and John Candy were initially cast for the movie

However, Eddie Murphy was already busy with the role on Beverly Hills Cops and the filming for the two films clashed. John Candy, on the other hand, turned the role down as he was eyeing for a larger paying role.

The Ghostbusters hotline was actually operational

Ivan Reitman, director of the movie produced a trailer with a real 1-800 number. Many people called the Ghostbusters hotline and got a recorded message with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd saying that they couldn’t make it to the phone because they were out busting ghosts.

The original weapon wasn’t a proton pack with a gun

In fact, The Ghostbusters were supposed to be using wands instead. Producers realised it needed to be more realistic so the laser guns and proton packs came in as replacements.

The story is supposed to set in the distant future

Originally, the setting of Ghostbusters was written as a futuristic sci-fi film set in the distant future with aliens. Until the writer agreed that it would be better set during modern times instead. Also, it would have cost too much to film.

‘Ghost Busters’ was already a name for a TV series before the movie came along

There was already a children’s tv series with the exact name in the 70’s which caused a lot of problems for The Ghostbusters, which included legal action. It wasn’t after some time that permission was given for the movie to continue carrying the title.

The scene where the Marshmallow Man exploded into globs was actually shaving cream

And it was a lot of shaving cream. In fact, gallons of it were dumped on the actors and set elements to look like marshmallow remains.

Dan Aykroyd, who wrote the original script for Ghostbusters found inspiration in his family’s history

His family members believed in the supernatural and Dan himself was a believer in ghosts.

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