10 Unspoken Difficulties You Wouldn’t Understand Unless You Are A Writer


Writing serves 2 purposes. Some people write to express themselves while others do it to educate and entertain the public.  Whatever it is, writing is an art and takes time to polish. Even the most talented and professional writers have hit road blocks down the road and so we would like to shed some light on the 10 unspoken difficulties being a writer.

 1. They work alone

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A writer works in solitary which means he or she reads and researches alone, thinks alone, struggles alone and writes alone.  Sounds creepy and depressing hor….

 2. Time is never enough

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Time passes like a speeding bullet when the writer is overwhelmed with a mountain of works in a given time frame.  Is anyone selling ‘time’ here?

 3. Always wants to perfect it

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A writer often feels there is still room for improvement in his writing and as a result, he ends up struggling in his mind and unfortunately fritters away precious time.

4. Loss for words

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It is very frustrating for writers to occasionally lose their ability to find the right words due to whatever reasons.  If you see one suddenly hitting his head, you know why now…

 5. Lack of fresh ideas

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No writers want to write similar topics and fresh stories and ideas are always the key to increase viewership.  A writer will get occasional mental block but by hook or by crook, a writer should always strive to read more widely and get up-to-date with the latest news and development happening around the world.

 6. Rest is becoming more far-fetched

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Unknowingly, a writer tends to suffer from sleep-deprivation as his mind is always thinking of what to pen down. Rest is no longer in the dictionary.

7.Beginning is always the hardest part

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As Stephen King once quoted, ‘The scariest moment is always just before you start.’ This is absolutely true to the core and it refers to everything you do in life.

 8. Self-doubt

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There comes a time when a writer suddenly begins to doubt his own abilities and questions himself if he is suitable for writing.  This loss of self -confidence can be due to many reasons such as setting too high a bar for himself or comparing his own achievement to others.  This is perhaps normal but somehow they just need to snap out of it!

 9. Meet Deadline

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The word deadline is somehow a common yet annoying word for all writers as they are pushed to the limit to complete their works on time.  Don’t be surprised when they wake up in the middle of the night and pen down their ideas with only one eye open. Sian ah!

10. Receive negative feedback

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The worst nightmare for any writers is when they receive negative feedback or criticism. It is too bitter a pill to swallow sometimes when readers do not appreciate their works and question their competence and professionalism. This feels like being hit by a ton of bricks, if not worse.

Let me end on a positive note with a quote from French writer Voltaire: ‘Writing is the painting of the voice.’

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com