10 Valid Reasons Why The Durian Generation Don’t Actually Have It Easy

I’m sure you’re very familiar with the Durian Generation or maybe, you’re even one of them. In case you’re not sure, the Durian Generation are those who are overly protected by their parents or guardians, always get away with anything (especially with getting into trouble) and are often described simply as spoilt. Just like durian, they’re untouchable—But not for long. Here’s why.


They have the hardest time adapting

As children, the Durian Generation are always pulled out immediately of a situation they don’t like or is unpleasant for them. So as they grow older, they find extremely difficult to adapt and fit in a new setting like say, a strict and competitive office environment or new school.

The hard reality can be damaging to them

Because they’ve always had it easy (being sheltered from the harsh world and all) they finally realize when they’re older that “it’s a dog eat dog world” but by the time they do, they don’t have the basic understanding of what needs to be done to actually survive reality. They become completely helpless.

They can’t compete in the real world

Having had parents who always made life for them a bed of roses, they don’t know what it means to really work hard and compete with others to make it in life. So they end up not being able to secure a good job or even complete their studies. It happens, unfortunately.

They’re too dependable

They were not allowed to do the hard work as children so when they’re finally out in the world on their own, they find it too difficult to get things done by themselves that they will need to depend on someone to do those things for them. Let’s just say they’re not the independent kind.

They don’t know how to take responsibility for their actions

Because they’re so used to being saved from any given situation as kids, when they’re finally adults, they find it difficult to take responsibility for their own mistakes. They don’t know how to face the consequences so they conveniently find another party to blame. (Adults who do this today are most likely from the Durian Generation).


They don’t know how to stand up for themselves

The Durian Generation will be the ones who have the toughest time standing up for themselves as adults. Even if they are not at fault or they could have easily justified their actions, they are unable to do so and this will make them lack confidence and self-assurance.

They give up easily when things get a little tough

Since the Durian Generation has been shielded from the harsh realities of life since they were a child, they will no doubt grow up finding every life’s challenges to be massive obstacles instead. And when that happens, they’d rather not push themselves to take on the challenges but would just give up. How convenient.

They’re the generation that’s most likely to suffer from depression

Because they had it easy in life when they were kids, the harsh reality of life will hit them painfully when they finally reach adulthood. And since they aren’t used to the hard life, they are more prone to falling into depression than those who have had it harder growing up.

The consequences of their past finally catch up to them

They may have been able to avoid disciplinary action and punishment when they were children but once they enter adulthood, the consequences of having been so overly-protected and spoiled will finally catch up and when it does, the Durian Generation might already be a lost cause in society. Might.

They end up raising children like themselves – Or worse

The Durian Generation might just be the generation that failed all of the humanity if they do end up raising children like themselves and the possibility is huge. Unless they realize exactly where their own parents went wrong, there will be no hope for our country. The future rests in their hands. (No pressure, guys!)

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