10 valid reasons why a girl who travels often is the best girlfriend ever


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:50 pm

If you’ve got a girlfriend who could just name you the cities of all countries in the world, and tell you the different cultures of different countries because she’s been to so many damn countries, then congrats: you might just have the best girlfriend ever. Here’re why, and you’ll definitely agree because hey: who doesn’t like a girl who is well-travelled?

She’s adventurous
Going for a trip isn’t just about shopping and eating: it’s to explore new worlds we’ve never come across. To enter a world of uncertainty takes courage and is an adventure, and so her passion for adventures make her adventurous. Guys just like someone who is adventurous, right?

She won’t be that stay-at-home boring girlfriend
Okay, not that a stay-at-home girlfriend is boring, but having one who is always on the road just makes everything more exciting, isn’t it? Imagine this: this weekend, you’re going to climb a hill in some ulu country. Isn’t that better than…say, Netflix and chill?

She likes trying new things
Guys just like to have fun, and having fun means trying new things. Won’t it be cool to have someone close to you (i.e. your girlfriend) try new things with you? It’s the best of both worlds, Bro!

She’s street-smart
Someone who has travelled often would know more things than what Singapore alone can offer: from knowing that Singapore is a safe and efficient country to why we should not take everything for granted. You need this kind of girlfriend, because each overseas trip just makes one smarter, unlike reading a book.

She can communicate well
Because she has communicated with many people from many countries, even if she didn’t know their languages. And because of that, she has learned how to read body language and therefore would know when you’re angry or sad. Well, I think so lah…

She’s independent
Travelling means one would have to depend on herself, especially if she’s travelling alone. Well, we all know the benefits of an independent girlfriend: no late-night calls for food, no persistent request for a new bag…

You can travel with her regularly
Unless you’re a cat that prefers to stay in one spot for the rest of your life, you’ll love travelling. And what’s better than travelling with your loved one?

She never sees her life as complete, so you’ll be improving with her together
A girl who always travel will always travel, as she’ll believe that she has yet to explore every single inch of the world. That’s why she’s always improving, and you as her boyfriend would improve with her.

She is confident
To travel is a bold effort—and for someone to do that, she’ll need to have the confidence to do so. And we all know that a confident girl is an attractive girl!

Life would never be boring with her
Because you guys are always going somewhere. Somewhere far. The best relationship is one that is exciting and always having sparks, and not one that is so damn boring.