10 Valid Reasons Why an ‘Uncle’ Boyfriend is a Good Boyfriend

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Ladies, what do you look out for when you’re looking to get into a relationship? Is it money, looks or personality?

Well, an “uncle” boyfriend is someone who seems to belong to the previous generation, and while guys nowadays love going to cafes and pubs, he loves hanging out at the coffee shop to la kopi or drink beer.

He’s happy going out without having to do up his hair and honestly, he couldn’t really care less about his dressing and looks. When you take a first look at him, you’ll think, who wants to get together with an old-fashioned guy like him?

But girls, you’d never know, this type of “uncle” boyfriend might just make the best boyfriend ever. If you’re in a relationship with an “uncle” boyfriend, you’ll most probably know what I mean.

He’s real
Yup, it’s not about the image. Who wants to give girls the impression of being uncool and uncle-ish, right? What he’s showing you is his real character, no false illusions whatsoever.

He doesn’t make girls swoon
Let’s face it, for “uncle” boyfriends, you’ll probably need to know him better before he grows on you, so you don’t have to worry about girls falling for him left and right. Chances are they take one look and they’ll say, meh, and go ahead to scout for others.

He’s down-to-earth and practical
He’s sensible and knows not to spend everything that he has. Why bother having coffee at an atas café and pay more when you can have less fanciful but equally nice coffee at the coffee shop downstairs?

He very chin cai one
He doesn’t really care about his looks, so chances are he won’t really care much about your looks as well. You can be as unglam as you want and you can be sure he won’t judge you…much.

You’ll look better beside him
If you’ve always wanted to stroke your own ego, just go out with him and hear other people whisper in envy: why his pattern like that can get a girl like her. You might be annoyed, but seriously, you’re getting complimented, and he doesn’t really care about these comments anyway.

He doesn’t go chasing for newer things
Which means he won’t go chasing for other girls as well. He’s going to remember that you’ve been there for him since the start and honestly, why go for others when he has you already?

He appreciates you
Similar to the previous point, he knows that girls don’t really fall for him immediately, and it’s pretty hard for him to get a girlfriend, so now that he has you, he’ll always remind himself to appreciate and never take you for granted. He might not be the most romantic, but he can definitely rank among the top for the most attentive.

He’s a real man
Behaving like an uncle means that he’s at least absorbed some of their values – which is work hard, treat you well and persevere in whatever he does. If that’s not a real man, what is?

He has his priorities set right
Life isn’t about showing off and getting the latest and most expensive things, instead, it’s about happiness and being contented in life.

You’re awesome
Being with him shows that you’re not shallow, and instead, you’re willing to look beyond the surface deciding to get together with him. Aww, doesn’t that sounds like real love?

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