10 Ways to’ Cure’ Hangovers the Next Morning

Image: N U S A R A / Shutterstock.com

Ah, drinks. It’s the one thing that fires up a Friday night, and ruins the Saturday morning.

When you wake up, you smell of bile or worse, vomit. You look like, well, crap.

And your head. IT’S as if it decided to go full berserk and give you the headache of a lifetime. Why, even the sound of water from the running tap is killing you inside.

Here are 10 ways to ‘cure’ your hangover, and get you feeling much better!

(Of course, the best solution is not to drink, but hey: how can you refuse when it’s your BFF’s birthday party?)

Drink Your H20
Yes, you’re basically suffering from dehydration. Guzzle up on as much water as you can, and after a few rounds of running to the toilet to cleanse your system, you’ll be felling rejuvenated. Best way ever.

A Plate of Greasy Food
Bet you didn’t expect that, eh? Hit on the bacon and eggs, or go to the food court downstairs and whack a nice plate of char kuey teow. You’ll be feeling fuller and better too! Just don’t use this as an excuse to eat more.

Get Sexy
If you’ve got a fellow hangover partner next to you, jazz things up in bed. It’s an exciting workout and the two of you will feel much, much relaxed after that. Then you can have your greasy food after that ‘coz you’ve just exercised #justsaying

You’re all fuzzed up, and if there’s one thing that can sort your alertness out, it’s gotta be the caffeine in coffee. Tea might be too mild a cup to counter a hangover, though it’s a popular method, but do try and let us know!

Take A Vitamin
Use a dose of Vitamin C or even better, a multivitamin to get you up and hustling. Whether it’s a placebo effect or one that works, it doesn’t matter because vitamins are always good.

Go Shower
The hot water hitting your body is just what you need to wake your senses up. Not for your headache but for everything else.

Hit the Snooze Button
Sometimes, the best way to handle the hangover is to sleep it off. Especially if you’re not working the next day. Just lie in and sleep until you wake up at probably 5:00 p.m. Just don’t head to the bar again, ok? Pretty sure your BFFs don’t have birthdays so close to each other’s.

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Work It Off
Go for a run or hit the cardio machines at the gym. You know you need it, and it will work wonders at the same time too! But of course, make sure you can at least walk to the gym.

Enter the Sauna
Yes, sweat it off without, well, breaking a sweat. Just sit in the sauna and let the steam clear your mind and your body. After a good 20-30 minutes inside, you’ll be ready to face the world once again.

Get Some Sun
No sauna a home (who would have)? Just stay outdoor. Singapore itself is a sauna. Let the Vitamin D from the sun soak into you (please, wear your sunscreen though!).

So, which one of these you think will work for you leh? We personally love the idea of the sauna and well, greasy food. Coz we liddat lah.