10 Ways to Donate Your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers to Help Underprivileged Families & Migrant Workers in S’pore

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If your SingapoRediscovers balance is still at S$100 and you’re scratching your head wondering what on earth to do with it, perhaps it’s time to find those vouchers a new home.

The plague of indecision can be tormenting (this author knows that better than anyone), so why not solve that headache and resolve to do good by donating your vouchers?

Here’s what you can do with your vouchers to make a difference. 

10 Ways to Donate Your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers to Help Underprivileged Families & Migrant Workers in S’pore

More non-profit organisations have joined Klook Cares, which is a charity initiative by the booking platform Klook to help underprivileged families and migrant workers in Singapore. 

Aside from Klook Cares, you can also use Trip.com and GlobalTix to donate your SRV. 

Prices range from S$30-S$100, so you can choose to donate a part of your vouchers or all of it, depending on your preference. 

Here are 10 experiences you can gift to someone with your SRV today. 

Tour of Singapore 

This one-day tour of Singapore will go towards children with special needs, low-income families, youth at risk, seniors and other groups. 

Participating non-profit organisation: Fei Yue Community Services 

Price: S$80

Tour of Jewel Changi Airport 

You can purchase a premium tour of Jewel Changi Airport for low-income communities, as well as kids and youths from underprivileged backgrounds, and share the marvel of our country’s world-class airport. 

Participating non-profit organisation: Beyond Social Services

Price: S$30

Tickets to iFly Singapore 

Empower someone to soar high in the sky and experience the limitless by donating your SRV towards iFly Singapore tickets. 

Participating non-profit organisation: Fei Yue Community Services 


Price: S$50 

Tickets to Science Centre Singapore 

It is said by many that the gift of knowledge is the best kind of gift; you can use your SRV to purchase Science Centre tickets for underprivileged families and make their day with a memorable learning experience. 

Participating non-profit organisation: Collaborate for Good 

Price: S$45 (inclusive of one adult ticket, one child ticket and an education science kit) 

Aviation-themed Experience and Hangar Tour

If you’d like to donate your vouchers towards a more unique experience, you can contribute towards an aviation-themed experience and hangout tour which is sure to be unforgettable and highly meaningful. 

Participating non-profit organisations: AWWA School, AWWA Special Student Care Centre, Down Syndrome Association 

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

Price: S$100

Tickets to the Singapore Flyer 

If you’d like to express your appreciation for our migrant workers, you can purchase Singapore Flyer tickets for them to enjoy mesmerizing views of the country that they’ve helped to build (literally). 

Participating non-profit organisation: It’s Raining Raincoats 


Price: S$35 (consists of a 30-minute ride)

Tickets to Universal Studios Singapore 

Remember the place that’s filled with all our best childhood memories? Journeying through the clouds on the Enchanted Airways, escaping from ferocious dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? 

Pass on these wonderful experiences to someone else and whisk others away to another world by donating towards USS tickets. 

Participating non-profit organisation: Boys’ Town 


Price: S$66

Staycations at Mandarin Orchard Singapore 

Treat someone to a relaxing staycation at Mandarin Orchard Singapore, and help families have a time to bond and unwind together. 

Participating non-profit organisation: Fei Yue Community Services

Price: S$100 

Tickets to Sentosa Skyline Luge 

Share the scenic views of the skyride and the thrilling exhilaration of the luge with someone else—it will be sure to get their adrenaline pumping. 


Participating non-profit organisation: CARE Singapore 

Price: S$30

Tickets to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari 

Seeing animals and wildlife up close is a truly otherworldly experience, one that many of us have had the privilege to experience when we were kids. Pay it forward by donating towards Singapore Zoo and River Safari tickets that is sure to be an awe-inspiring experience for someone else. 

Participating non-profit organisation: Life Community Services Society

Price: S$40 (child), S$50 (adult)


Featured Image: Rawpixel.com/ Shutterstock.com

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