10 Ways to Gracefully Decline a Dinner Date so Your Waist Will Thank You

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Well, honestly speaking, we usually decline dinner dates either because we don’t want to put on any extra weight, or because your wallet is literally empty. Well, whatever it is, these ways to gracefully and politely decline a dinner date might just save you poor souls.

1. “I already have other plans on that day, I’m so sorry…”

Of course, don’t forget to include the apology even if it is insincere. It makes the other party feel less horrible and if you are keen to go on the dinner date another time, just say “Maybe next time?”

2. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Image: memegenerator.net
Image: memegenerator.net

This one seems a little difficult to say politely and as gracefully as possible without hurting the other party, but hey, if you really don’t want the dinner date and your stomach doesn’t feel up to it either, just tell the person in the most direct way possible!

3. “My mother/father is cooking dinner so I have to go home tonight.”

Image: i.ytimg.com
Image: i.ytimg.com

Nobody can argue with that, really. We all know how important family time is and how precious a parent’s cooking can be. Your waist will also thank you because your mum knows your diet best and will make sure to serve you better food!

4. “It’s so nice of you to ask me out, but I’m not really keen on going out for dinner.”

A little compliment or two usually helps to soften the blow before you reject the date, so this is one of the more graceful methods to decline your dinner date. At least your dinner date will get the hint but not be dampened by your rejection.

5. “I would love to, but I end work really late that day.”

It is a legit excuse, right? We all know that one person who never ever attends dinner gatherings because of work. Safest excuse to use, really. It’s better than agreeing to meet beforehand then bailing on your dinner date a few hours before.

6. Ignore the invitation/message

Image: relatably.com
Image: relatably.com

This isn’t the most graceful of methods, but it does help. Ignore the message till the supposed dinner date is over and then reply with “OMG so sorry I just saw this message!” or just don’t reply at all.

7. Decline your dinner date face to face instead of over text message

It’s the same way as breaking up or apologising. Telling the person when you are physically there is much better and sincere even if it may take some courage. Of course, you can do it over text message, but hey, physical interaction is important. Otherwise, ring the person up and tell them nicely.

8. “That’s really sweet of you but I’m spending some alone time these days.”

And that’s justifiable because everybody needs alone time!! You may not exactly be tired from work or other matters, but if it helps your waist maintain its size, why not?

9. “I think you’ve got the wrong number.”

Image: troll.me
Image: troll.me

Ok, this doesn’t actually work for anyone and everyone but it might be a life-saver. Use it only if the dinner date is someone new (aka not a friend or anyone who knows your number) and make sure that your Whatsapp picture is not a photo of your face (because that’ll just spoil everything).

10. “I’m actually watching my food intake so I prefer not to dine outside.”

It’s being honest, right? Your waist (and perhaps your wallet) needs this honesty. You shouldn’t feel bad that you are rejecting the dinner date because you have every right not to go. Just tell them. If they can’t understand, it’s no use going to dinner with them.

Dinner dates can be tough to reject politely, but remember, if you don’t want to attend the dinner, just say no. You don’t have to feel pressured!


Feature Image: Twinsterphoto / Shutterstock.com

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