10 Ways That Iced Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Last Updated on 2022-10-15 , 3:05 pm

Besides a healthy diet and exercise, iced water can also play a part in your daily routine in losing weight. Hard to believe?

Well, check out some of these tips that might just surprise you!

Burn calories
When you drink iced water, your body burns calories when it has to raise the temperature of the water to your body temperature. While this obviously cannot replace your exercise routine, it’s still some extra effort, eh, compared to drinking room-temperature water?

Increase metabolism
When your body is exposed to cold temperature, it burns extra calories to keep itself warm, increasing metabolism by up to 50%. Okay, this is goody, indeed. Not that we can last long for this, though.

After a workout, we crave for something cold. Instead of drinking a chilled sweet beverage, change to chilled water instead. Not only does this help to burn calories but also prevent the intake of extra sugar. And let’s face it: anything tastes good after a workout, right?

Cool rehydration
Our stomach absorbs cold water faster than warm water. Thus, drinking cold water prevents energy-sapping dehydration during workouts and allows us to retain the energy to workout.

Bathing in cold water
When bathing in cold water, we will start to shiver, activating the brown fats in us. The brown fats try to generate heat by burning other fats in our body. However, soaking ourselves in excessively cold water can result in other forms of injuries, so do this at your own risk!

Not only does cold water cools our body down after a workout but is also suppresses our appetite, preventing us from eating too much. From now on, I should have cold water before any meals!

More energy
Okay, this applies not only for ice water but warm water as well. Drinking water prevents muscle cramps and keeps our joints lubricated.

Curbs cravings
When craving for your bar of chocolate or potato chips, drink a glass of iced water with lemon. The tangy water can help to satisfy, or at least distract you. This prevents the intake of extra calories. It works much like a suppressant…just that it tastes slightly better.

When adding fruits or even chia seeds to your ice water, this helps your body to take in extra nutrients and vitamins. While this does not help in weight loss directly, it definitely benefits your body.

While this may be more applicable for warm water, drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning can help to release all the toxins in your body and improve your digestive systems. You will feel less hungry and cravings will be reduced.!

Okay, while water or iced water aids in weight loss, it can never beat the importance of healthy diet and exercise. So remember: there is no magic pill for losing weight!