10 Ways to Trick Yourself that You’re Full Even When You’re Super Hungry


Last Updated on 2021-08-09 , 1:32 pm

I’m pretty sure we all want to make sure our waistline doesn’t expand further than it already is. But we all know that food is hard to resist – especially food in Singapore.

What better way to avoid stuffing yourself than tricking your stomach into thinking it’s full?

Here are ten ways to trick your stomach, because why not?

Drink LOTS of Water
This might be the most straightforward trick, but it works all the same. Your brain might actually confuse dehydration with hunger, which then leads to you munching on a snack. Plain water is the best solution here, and you should avoid carbonated drinks if you want to keep your calories down too. It may be tasteless, but water is essential for your health anyway!

Use Smaller Plates when Eating
Having smaller portions during a meal can help reduce hunger pangs later on. You might think that you can refill after that, but studies show that using smaller plates causes you to avoid doing so and thus taking in less food while still feeling full. Later on, you’ll be thankful you took less when everyone is snacking on goodies.

Chew Slowly
Remember how your parents would always tell you to chew slowly lest you choke? Well, they were half right in knowing that chewing is beneficial. Studies in Tokyo have shown that chewing faster indicated more food required to be eaten before feeling full. While there is no definite number of chews you should take, eating your food slowly might just reduce your food intake until you feel fill.

Keep your Plate Clear
Bottomless bowls sound like some foodie’s fantasy, but it has been proven that perceiving a container of food as infinite can mess with your impression of how full you are. Eating from a bowl that refills, by yourself or some automated machine, can make you think you’re not full yet. However, letting a bowl or plate of food empty itself can induce in one a sense of completion, so you might halt eating after that. Of course, you still have to restrain yourself from voluntarily adding more to your dish!

Avoid Distractions while Eating
Have you ever grabbed a bag of chips and ate while using your phone, only to realise that you’re halfway through by the time you’ve finished posting your new Instagram picture? Or maybe you’re at the movies and the next time you grab at your personal popcorn box, you’re only touching the bottom.

That’s because eating mindlessly convinces your body that you are not yet full. When distracted by using your phone, watching television or even just chatting with a friend, it’s easy to get carried away by whatever you can chew on just because it’s nearby. So next, focus on eating to fill yourself up properly.

Write up a List of Things to Do
Speaking of distractions, you might find your mind wandering to food after you’ve already had your meal. Instead of letting that happen, you could turn things around and distract yourself from the idea of food.

If you haven’t written that email to your boss or finished your latest project, plan what how you’re going to complete those tasks, or write out what you hope to accomplish in a period of time. So long as snacking isn’t anywhere on the list, you’re more likely to maintain that full feeling and avoid food.

Brush your Teeth
Bet you didn’t expect this, eh? Not everyone has this habit of brushing their teeth after a meal, but now would be a good time to start. Besides the obvious hygiene maintenance, the scent of toothpaste when brushing can keep the hunger at bay.

Although you don’t eat toothpaste and your stomach remains empty, the mint taste of toothpaste can prove effective in keeping you full. If you don’t with to brush, mouthwash is an alternative to keeping you feeling full due to similar chemical taste and smell.

Chew a Piece of Gum
Keeping your mouth occupied might be key to avoiding eating any more food than you already have. If you want to prevent further taking in calories, try chewing gum to mimic eating food. Sugar-free gum may even keep your teeth clean while keeping you far away from snacks.

Spice up your Food
Including tastier food in your meals seems to be able to make you feel fuller. After all, we all love tangy tastes rather than bland food! In this case, adding condiments like cayenne is one method of creating a more flavorful dish while ensuring that you don’t feel hungry later on. Keep in mind not to add too many calories with the condiments that you pile onto your food!


Eat Nuts/Protein-based Food
Although you’ll still be eating with his method, at least you’ll be eating less afterwards. Taking nuts when you feel hungry might stifle that hunger due to the chemicals in nuts. Soy beans or protein bars may work similarly due to their protein content. Keep in mind, though, that this last 30min to 2 hours, so keep a bag of nuts handy or try something else from this list!

Be it curbing yourself from eating too much during a meal, taking small amounts of food that make you feel full, or taking on certain tasks after you eat, these methods enable you to trick yourself into feeling full. Hunger pangs will never creep upon you again!

Featured Image: b7 / Shutterstock.com