10 Ways to Wake Up on Time Every Morning Even If It’s 4:00 am

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Deep inside, we’re just lazy slugs who want to roll about in our soft beds all day long.

No doubt, many of us find it incredibly hard to lift ourselves from bed, even when there’s a deadline coming up or an important exam the next day. Well, we’ve got some useful hacks to fix your problem – and they’re so useful, you’ll wake up like a boss every morning.

Even if it’s 4:00 a.m. in the morning.

1. Place your alarm clock further away

If you’re already having a hard time raising a hand to slam down on the snooze button, try walking before doing so; you’ll be irritated but awake. Longer walks = more energy needed = less sleepy.

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And after your looooooong walk, you should be ready to start your day.

2. Don’t set snooze

In fact, if you want a sure-fire way to wake up, don’t use the snooze function at all. Some people don’t mind repeatedly snoozing if it means they can get five more minutes in, even though they’ll be woken abruptly soon after. Applying some discipline and not using the function at all can go a long way.

Snooze could well be the worst invention in the world #justsaying

3. Do something active the moment you turn off the alarm

If your body is forced to move, your mind has to keep up. Small exercises like stretching or even just walking with your back straight can get your blood pumping a little more, convincing your mind that it’s time to be wide awake and get on with work. After all, it’s all mind over body.

4. Use a special alarm clock

This will be an interesting addition to your day, especially if you like (or HATE) games or puzzles. From the Google Play and iTunes, the app I Can’t Wake Up is perfect for getting your mind rolling with mini games. With equations and colour puzzles for you to solve, you get to have a bit of fun (or frustration) you attempt to drag your sleepy self away from bed, or your dreams from reality.

You see, unless you solve the puzzle, the alarm will never stop. Never.

5. Don’t try to wake up early

This may sound odd when your entire aim is to get wide awake and on time too, but there’s no point in deviating from your original plans as your mind tends to stick to the timing that you’ve been waking up at for a long time. Your body clock knows what you’re trying to do – don’t bother tricking it.

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If you try, you’ll go back to sleep at wake up at the precise timing you intend to wake up.

6. Set a timer for your air-con or fan

Those who are sensitive to their environment might react to changes in temperature, and that is where this hack comes in handy. This tip enables you to sleep in a comfortable environment, with the air conditioner and fan, while waking up in a warm and possibly stuffy environment.

Simply set it to be turned off one hour before you’re supposed to wake up, and that uncomfortable environment get you off the bed before you know it.

7. Prepare a list of things to do the night before

With a long list of tasks to accomplish, your mind is kind of more alert. You have so many things to do; how can you keep on sleeping? It’s psychology, and it works.

Just make sure that list doesn’t keep you awake the entire night.

8. Drink lots of water when you’ve woken up

Splashing water on your face is one way of providing a quick cold shock, but drinking water can be refreshing as well. If we’re going into the more scientific details, drinking can actually keep you hydrated and regulate the temperature in your body, while keeping you healthy!

9. Go for a long toilet break

Ah, sweet relief. Not only will you be more awake from the walk to the toilet, the release will give you a sense of relief. Usually, people will need to use the toilet once they wake up anyway. Just try not to fall asleep in the toilet.

10. Use all the tricks mentioned for at least 21 days

Practice makes perfect, so you better stick to the routine to ensure you’ll never wake up late and tired again! But why 21 days? Simple: studies have repeatedly show that you need 21 days to build a habit. Develop it and you’ll be an early bird before you know it.

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