10 websites that let you create your own website for FREE

Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:53 pm

With growing technology, more and more people are starting up business online, and bringing offline business to the online world. And for those who are looking to start up a e-business, spending tons of cash building a website can deter you from doing so. So, below we’ll let you know 10 websites that you can use to build your own website or business for free.

Whether you’re looking to open up a blog or create a website for your business, wordpress is the place to go. Simply choose your theme and customize it. Not only that, you can create your own domain name for free. And that’s it. You’re good to go, it is super simple.

Similar to wordpress, blogger offers about the same functions. But a perk is that you can take advantage of Blogger’s income generating tools. Show ads relevant to your users and you can earn money with Google Adsense. Best part is that you can choose where you want your ads to go. So, you’re making a little extra income while hosting the website for free. What’s better than that?

With a free URL address on the Wix.com domain, and an easy drag and drop editor, this place is great for creating free websites too! WIX gives you 500MB storage and 1GB bandwidth for free. More storage means more space to upload your images and videos. Extra bandwidth makes it easy to stream and download your content.

Website Builder
From over 10,000 templates to choose from, you can to have your own free domain name, free business email, and free SEO tools to boost your site’s search engine rankings. In just three steps, your website can be built. Easy peasy. Not only that, you can add an e-shop to your website to sell your products. The secure web hosting is totally free for all accounts.

If you’re looking to publish your photographs, this is the website for you. Squarespace was built with professional photographer in mind. You can have a 14-day trial to figure out if this is the one for you. They do not collect any credit card information until you’re sure you want to go on with this website.

Building your own website, blog or online store? Weebly is the one for you. After choosing the perfect theme, you can build your online store easily dragging and dropping images and text. Whether you’re a newbie or professional, this interface is super easy to use and no coding knowledge is required.

Moonfruit offers everything you need to start a website. From being able to design your site with the usual drag and drop editor, you can choose your own theme, add text, images and other widgets such as Paypal mobile checkout. Once you’re done, your website will stand out more due to its SEO that’ll help to boost your Google listings. However, the free version does have advertising on them, so take note on that.

With hundreds of professionally designed and customizable style, Yolo allows you to create a free website with an easy drag and drop functionality. Not to mention it is ad-free, so that means annoying advertisements won’t be popping up in your websites. I mean, you wouldn’t want your website looking like an online billboard, right?

Just like most of them, webs allows you to set up your site within minutes with loads of theme and easy customizations. You can also make any changes whenever you want. However, it is rather limited in the things they provide for the free version.

This adorable website builder allows you to pick as many templates for free, and is able to tweak any existing library templates to your own liking. From there, you get to choose icons to use for different web page elements, and add a unique font for a personal touch. You can also add border effects such as stitches, and torn paper to make your website look more interesting. DoodleKit offers 100GB bandwidth and 100MB storage for the free version. You can upgrade anytime you want, or if you’re fine with free version, feel free to stick to it.

Top Image: Eastfenceimage / Shutterstock.com