10 Weirdest Instant Noodles Flavours I Bet You’ve Not Heard of Before


Who doesn’t love ramen? I’ll tell you who – no one. Because EVERYONE has their own personal ramen favourite – whether it’s a Maggi Curry Flavour or an A1 Abalone Instant Noodle pack to a Shin Ramyun Spicy Korean Noodle pack, there’s bound to be something you like that tickles your fancy the most.

There is, however, a whole different horizon of instant noodle flavours. Some are honestly right up there in weirdness.

Here are our top 10 picks of the weirdest instant noodle flavours. Some are so weird, we’re pretty sure you don’t know them at all!!

Batchelor’s Super Noodles  – Bacon Flavour

Image: alosraonline.com

Yup, you read that right. BACON. This pack actually originates from the UK, and if you want the ideal British kick, combine it with toast and eggs. Batchelor’s comes in many different flavours like Southern Fried Chicken and Sweet & Sour, but we felt that this deserved its homage here.

Koka Purple Wheat Noodle

Image: qoo10.sg

Now, don’t let the colour burst your ramen bubble. According to its makers, the noodles will apparently give you the equivalent of 84 blueberries’ worth of antioxidants in every 100 grams. It’s also healthier as it’s been baked and not fried. And oh, you can find this weird noodles right here in Singapore!

Nissin Ratatouille Flavoured Ramen

Image: Therameneater.com

Fancied the cartoon and the French dish? Time to try the instant noodle, which boasts that it’s only 198 calories.

Mexi-Ramen Soupless Raman Shallot Teriyaki Flavour

Image: Therameneater.com

I cannot even begin to imagine an instant noodle that has no soup, and is a marriage between Mexican and Japanese flavours. The company also offers Spicy Shrimp and Chicken Habanero.

Tiger Brand Food Onion Flaver Bowl Rice Noodles

Image: Seriouseats.com

How does an onion-based instant noodle soup taste like? We’re not really sure. This brand hails from Taiwan, and comes with rice vermicelli in it.


Baijia Instant Sweet Potato Noodle Spicy Fei-Chang Flavour

Image: wunderstore.co.uk

Apparently the flavour translates to fatty pork intestines flavour. According to what we’ve read, it’s an authentic flavour from the Sichuan area of China.

Fuku Superior Soup Instant Noodles

Image: skyorange.com.au

The brand originates from Hong Kong. It looks simple on the inside, but it gives a punch in flavour.

Nissin Ajillo Instant Noodle

Image: therameneater.com

The taste buds of Spainards and Japanese get married in this cup. Garlic flavoured olive oil is combined with toppings of cabbage, shrimp and egg. If you love spice and you love garlic, chances are you’ll bow down to this amazing cup noodle.

Nissin Wasabi Instant Noodles

Image: Nissinfoods.de

Get your tissues ready, coz this wasabi train you’re about to get on is going to give you one helluva ride!

Knorr Pizza Instant Noodles

Image: groceryheadoffice.com

The pizza noodles are actually from Pakistan. It kinda reminds you of a pizza when you dig in, but more on the frozen grocery types. A successful feat nonetheless –getting pizza flavour into instant noodle packs are no joke, ok!

So, what’s the wildest instant noodle flavour you’ve ever tried?

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