10 “white” lies we all have made when we were secondary school students

White lies – you know, the kind of lie you make to protect something, or lies that are harmless. Sort of. We’ve all told a white lie or two at some point in time, didn’t we? And most of these times consists of us being at work or in school. Especially secondary school where we grow out of our naivety and realize that no, lying isn’t really that bad. How many of these white lies have you told?

I forgot to bring my homework but I did it
Truth is, you didn’t do your homework but telling your teacher this lie is the safest way to get yourself out of trouble. Unless you used it too many times, then we’ll say all the best to you. They’ll ask you to call home and ask your mom to bring down. Uh oh, now parents are involved.

I’m not feeling well
Every single PE lesson. Been there and done that. Sometimes you just can’t help it you don’t want to do anything sports-related. Plus it’s hot. And you’ll smell. And technically, it’s not a lie as well. You’ll feel unwell at the thought of participating in PE classes, right?

Cher, I’m having cramps
Another lie girls use to get out of PE. If your teacher is nice enough, he’ll let you go back to class and do your own work. Otherwise he’ll tell you to sit by the side and watch the class. Either way, you win.

My brother/sister tore my work
Which makes it impossible for you to bring your homework to school, right? Righttt. It’s another common lie, and makes more sense than saying “My dog ate my homework” unless you’re known to be an only child.

I had diarrhea in the morning
It’s how you get out of detention for being late. Because who can stay 2 hours for detention? If your teacher scold you, you can just “threaten” to tell your mother. Your teacher will keep quiet after that. Yes, we had some semblance of strawberry generation even back then.

Cher, I need to use the toilet
It’s the trick to skip a few minutes of that boring science lesson. Stay 10 minutes in the toilet then go back to class and if your teacher asks, just say you had a tummy ache. Easy peas-y.

I need to go to the sick bay
That’s how you get out of not one but two whole lessons. Seriously, this lie works so damn well. So teachers, keep an eye out for these students. Anyone can pretend to be sick, really. Some people use this lie when they want to sleep. Because being in the sick bay means having a long nap time.

But I’m allergic to dust
Happens when there is a duty roster and it’s your turn to sweep the classroom. Some people are indeed allergic to dust, but you? You’re allergic to school and work. And in the army, it’s called “Excuse dust”.

My uniform still wet
If you don’t want to put on your uniform after PE classes or if you happen to be wearing a short skirt for the day and some teacher catches you. So you’ll say “My longer skirt still in the wash. I’ll wear it tomorrow I promise.”

I will leave it in your pigeonhole by today
Because you know what time your teacher usually goes home and you’ll just leave it in the pigeonhole tomorrow morning before she comes to school. Then you’ll just tell her you left it in the pigeonhole around 7pm (which was after she left) and she’ll believe you. Easy trick.

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