10 wrong expectations of university life that all people must know

Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:53 pm

Hurray, you’ve graduated from JC/Poly and now it’s on to university! Before you get too excited about how cool university life is going to be, we’re here to do some expectation management for you.

Expectation: You’ll decorate your hall room nicely and maintain it well
Reality: It’s just too much work and besides, the room is just too sh–ty to begin with.

Expectation: You’ll be best friends with everyone
Reality: There will always be that one person who never leaves his hall room, or that other person who always rejects all social activities.

Image: buzzfeed.com
Image: buzzfeed.com

Expectation: You’ll feel really intelligent because duh, you’re in u-n-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y 
Reality: Many a times you just nod along even though you have no idea what your professor or classmates are saying.

Expectation: You’ll form study groups with your friends and mug really hard
Reality: Most of the time you’ll end up surfing Facebook, Instagram or chatting on Whatsapp.

Image: profalbrecht.wordpress.com
Image: profalbrecht.wordpress.com

Expectation: You’ll get invited to many events and have intellectual conversations with your classmates
Reality: You get drunk and trashed at the pageant and orientation parties.

Expectation: You’ll mug at night after class
Reality: As soon as someone says “Ah lian beehoon” or “Cheese prata” for supper, you’re in. You need some fuel to mug right?

Expectation: Catch up on your low GPA score in later semesters
Reality: All the modules just get tougher and tougher each year–improving your GPA score seems almost impossible.

Expectation: You’ll be one of those who manage to look effortlessly chic for school
Reality: You’ll still look the same, except you’ll wear the 3S more often (singlets, shorts and slippers).

Image: mothership.sg
Image: mothership.sg

Expectation: You’ll join many school clubs and participate in many sports during your spare time
Reality: You’d rather sleep at home or hang out with your friends outside of school.

Expectation: You’ll feel like a real adult ready to take on the world after graduation.
Reality: You’ll never feel like a real adult ready to take on the world.