Couple Paid $100 for a $9.60 Taxi Fare As Driver Played “Nice Songs”

Last Updated on 2023-07-25 , 12:05 pm

Some people have deep pockets.

Others just like to tip those who provide good service.

Whatever the motivations behind one opening their wallet to give others money, it is probably a nice thing to be on the receiving end of a hefty tip.

One taxi driver met her lucky break when a passenger paid her almost ten times the fare due to the former’s good music taste and impeccable service.

Here is what happened.

Taxi Driver Paid $100 for a $9.60 Taxi Ride

Earlier this week, a Facebook user with the moniker Ann Wong took to the social media platform to post about a sweet gesture by her passengers.

This sweet gesture was her passengers paying her $100 for a taxi ride that only cost $9.60.

According to Wong’s post, the passengers were an elderly Indonesian Chinese couple.

Wong recounts the incident in a mix of English and Chinese.

According to her, the lady passenger passed her a $100 note at the end of the ride, which the passenger said was “for [Wong]”.

For the sceptics out there, don’t worry; Wong did not try to cheat some elderly passengers out of their hard-earned money.

Before Wong accepted the cash, she had asked the lady passenger to use smaller notes to pay for the ride as Wong did not have enough change to give the lady.

That was when the lady passenger confirmed that she meant for Wong to keep all of the $100.

As proof of this too-good-to-be-true encounter, Wong attaches a photo to her Facebook post.

In the post, there is a $100 note with the $9.60 taxi meter fare in the background.

Taxi Driver Had Played Old Chinese Songs During the Ride

If you are wondering what Wong did to deserve a $90.40 tip, wonder no more.

She provided good passenger service by playing heartwarming Chinese songs that captured the hearts of her passengers.

According to Wong, she played a total of four songs during the trip, including Zhi Yao Ni Guo De Bi Wo Hao, Xuan Ze, Xin Ru Dao Ge, Wen Bie (Hanyu pinyin).

These songs bonded the trio together as they talked about the songs and sang them together.

Indeed, the lady passenger was so touched by Wong’s actions that she thanked Wong at the end of the trip for playing the “wonderful songs”.

The passenger also shared that the songs brought back memories of the couple when they were young.

Well, we guess it pays to be kind.