11 Best Nasi Lemak in S’pore so Good You Don’t Mind Getting Fat For

Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 4:32 pm

Every true blue Singaporean would have eaten Nasi lemak at least once in his or her life. The best part? You can get a delicious plate of Nasi Lemak for as low as $1.50. 

Living in one of the most expensive city, this is simply mind blowing. We’ve reigned in our top ten so get ready to sign up to your nearest gym, as these nasi lemaks are definitely worth every calorie. 

1. Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak 

#01-06, Boon Lay Place Market and Food Centre, 221 Boon Lay Place

Image: thehotbox.com.sg
Image: thehotbox.com.sg

After getting most of my friends’ opinions, this place topped the chart and as a north sider, I hardly ever venture to the west. But I never regretted travelling down for this glorious $3 plate of wonder. 

The nasi lemak is filled with the sweetness of coconut milk, yet the sambal tones down the sweetness with its strong taste of anchovies. So if you’re looking for a new supper spot, look no further! 

2. Bali Nasi Lemak

#01-06, Boon Lay Place Market and Food Centre, 221 Boon Lay Place

Image: soshiok.com
Image: soshiok.com

When it comes to nasi lemak, both the rice and chilli matters – they are the determining factor of a good nasi lemak. This store managed to excel in both areas, with fluffy soft rice and spicy shallot flavoured sambal. 

3. Nasi Lemak Kukus

Image: Nasi Lemak Kukus
Image: soshiok.com

For $4, you get free flow of rice and sambal. Tell us, where else are you going to find such an amazing deal? For this, you might just see us more often at the gym, working off all those calories from the free refill. 

4. Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak 

#01-06, Boon Lay Place Market and Food Centre, 221 Boon Lay Place

Image: sassysingapore.com
Image: sassysingapore.com

With a fluffy rice texture, I absolutely love the nutty flavour grain that blends perfectly with the coconut milk. Not to mention the wide array of side dishes to choose from. 

5. Yi Liu Xiang 

#02-30, Hainanese Village Centre, 105 Hougang Ave 1

Image: soshiok.com
Image: soshiok.com

The special part of the coconut rice is the strong fragrance of pandan leaves and lemongrass. The stir-fried sambal was also spicy enough to give us a kick but yet sweet enough to not send me running for ice cold water

6. Dragon Tree Katong Laksa 

Opposite Bugis’ OG mall, Albert Street

Image: candidcuisine.net
Image: candidcuisine.net

While this store is famous for their laksa, we want to shine the light on another of their dish – none other than nasi lemak. They top their nasi lemak with ikan bilis, dried fish herring and spicy sambal. The rice is soft and fragrant, with a more subtle coconut taste compared to the other stores. And while the presentation might be one of the simpler ones, the taste makes up for it. 

7. Chong Pang Nasi Lemak 

Sembawang Park, 447 Sembawang Road, 758404

Image: soshiok.com
Image: soshiok.com

Recommended by a friend, I decided to head down to try out this plate of nasi lemak since it was relatively near my place. I definitely did not regret. To me, they cooked the best deep fried chicken wings among the rest. Their sambal chilli balanced out the sweet savoury flavour of the wings, providing a mild spiciness – perfect for those who can’t take too spicy food! 

8. International Nasi Lemak 

Location: Changi Village Hawker Centre, Blk 2 Changi Village Road #01-03, Singapore 500002 

Just find the one with the longest queue and you’ve got it. Have you ever experienced coming back to this place that served great food previously, only to realise it doesn’t taste as good? While this place might be pricier than most, I love how consistent the food is and I never have to fear being disappointed. 

9. Mizzy Corner Nasi Lemak 

Changi Village Hawker Centre, Blk 2 Changi Village Road #01-26, Singapore 500002

Image: linamasrina.com
Image: linamasrina.com

Crispy and tender on the inside, the chicken wings from this store just keeps luring me back over and over again. It is perfect dunked in sambal and a mouthful of coconut rice. 

10. Latiffa Huri 

498 Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 648325 

Lattifa Huri serves up an awesome plate of freshly cooked, fragrant rice. Paired with a generous serving of sambal chilli and their famous chicken wings, I’m not surprised to see a constant snaking queue even during off-peak hours. 

11. Route 12

45 Sam Leong Road, 207935 Singapore, Singapore

Image: imgrum.net

Bored of the same old Nasi Lemak you get in Singapore? Check out the one at Route 12 where they give you a huge, gigantic squid to go along with fluffy, fragrant rice and amazing chilli. 

And they serve other creative dishes as well, like a hot dog wrapped in fried chicken cutlet. Now tell me you’re not drooling yet?!

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