11 Facts About Nas Daily, The Facebook-er Who’s in S’pore Now


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If you are an avid Facebook user like me, you’ve probably seen little one-minute videos of a guy with kind eyes and a big smile, travelling across the whole wide world.

Image: cyprus-mail.com

If you don’t know him, no, he doesn’t make those cinematic travel video diaries you usually find on YouTube.

He is a for-the-people kind of man, posting videos on Facebook that almost instantly go viral.

He travels across the globe telling the most interesting stories about people that everybody wants to know.

Do you know these 1-minute video guy? Here are 11 facts about him that you might not know.

1. His name is actually Nuseir Yassin.

Image: inquirer.net

That’s right.


The man behind the face of Nas Daily is not actually named Nas. Nas is just a nickname, meaning ‘people’ in Arabic.

His real name is Nuseir Yassin, and he is a 26-year-old Palestinian-Israeli.

Born and raised in a little place in Israel, this incredible young man found his way halfway across the world to America to attend university.

And no, not just any university.

Nuseir Yassin graduated from Ivy-league Harvard University in 2014…

Image: alumuni.harvard.edu

…with a degree in both economics and computer science (maybe I should have been in his study group).


This is where it gets interesting (well, even more interesting).

After Harvard, Nuseir Yassin landed a software engineering job at Venmo in New York City.

Image: homepolish.com

Now this job came with a major payload of USD120,000 annually. For us Singaporeans, this amounts to SGD160,000 per year.

Or $13,333 per month.

This can buy you 4,444 chicken rice meals. This can also buy you 1,635 McSpicy (upsize) meals.

Insane, right?

What’s more insane is that after working at Venmo for a year, Yassin QUIT to travel the world.

And so, Nas Daily was born.


3. ‘I am feeling cheap in Thailand.’

Nas Daily wasn’t an overnight success.

Image: YouTube

In fact, it was only 270 days into Yassin’s trip that he was in Thailand where he filmed a video dubbed ‘I am feeling cheap in Thailand’ that he finally experienced success.

It went viral, getting over 29 million views. And completely wrecked the Internet in the process.

From there on out, Yassin’s success was pretty much set in stone, with every video he made going viral.

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4. One-Minute

One of the biggest things Yassin believes in is the value of time. It’s why he quit his job to travel.

It’s also why he became one of the most incredible storytellers of our time.


Because he does not waste your precious time.

Image: travelme.world

All his videos are capped at one minute long.

Keeping it short and sweet, he gets his message across while taking up the bare minimum of time in your day.

So you can actually go and live your life.

What’s not to love about this philosophy?


5. It is NOT cheap making one-minute Facebook videos. 

Yassin recently spoke out regarding the costs involved making his viral videos.

And boy, it does not come cheap.

Each video not only takes hours to produce and this excludes creating the story, editing the content, adding subtitles and choosing the music.

Each costs about USD100 to make.

Firstly, the time investment to create these videos without anyone helping him is absolutely massive.

Secondly, for anyone saying that USD100 is not too much per video, just keep in mind that he makes videos every single day.

To date, that is 897 videos or $89,700 of his own money pumped purely into the video aspect of his brand.



6. Nas Daily does NOT upload on YouTube.

Yes, Nas Daily has a Youtube account.

But no, it is not for uploading videos.

It’s purely there to direct people who have looked him up on Youtube to his Facebook page or his website.


Yassin hates Youtube as a platform.

On his Youtube page, you can find the following description: “THIS IS THE OFFICIAL NAS DAILY ACCOUNT ON YOUTUBE AND IT’S INACTIVE. I don’t use YOUTUBE because I hate this place…”

7. Nas Daily has VALID reasons for shying away from YouTube.

Nas Daily answers this question in a 48,000 view video on…

…you guessed it!


But I’m here to sum it up for you because this is very interesting in a world where almost everyone wants to be the next big YouTube breakout.

The Nas Daily show was meant to be a show about Yassin’s life, to be shared with his close friends.

And they’re all on Facebook.

Youtube did very little to get him views.

He had 1.5 million views on Youtube in total when he used to post videos there. 15% of those views came from the Youtube recommended videos section. The rest came from external sources like his website, Facebook and so on.

So he quickly realised that if he was going to get more views, Facebook was the way to go.

On YouTube, everyone has a username.

It’s not personal. He doesn’t know who you are, your face, where you work. In Facebook, he believes every single commenter is real (with a face).

No, it’s not meant to be creepy.

But if he doesn’t know who his viewers are, he cannot relate to them in a personal way like they relate to him.

And there you go, ladies and gents – a man for the people!

8. He wears the SAME shirt every day.

Let’s be honest, in Singapore, this would be a major faux pas, no? Doesn’t he remind you of Liang Ximei?

When you always have someone to impress, wearing the same shirt every day (no, we don’t mean uniform!) can be quite embarrassing for most of us.

Not for Yassin, though.

He is out to live his best life, which he does with a constant reminder that we only have so much of time here, and only so much of life to live.

Image: timesofisrael.com

So he wears his shirt that marks how many percent of life he has already lived.

Right now, it’s 33%, so his shirt has a bar on it that is 33% full (it’s based on the average lifespan of human beings and his age).

A daily reminder for Yassin to make the most of what he’s got

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9. He’s taken Silicon Valley for a ride.

Silicon Valley is where all our Internet giants come from – Facebook, Google, Airbnb, etc.

And it is where everyone has the next big idea. A new creation, a new innovation, a new app.

And to release an app in Silicon Valley? You need millions of dollars, investors, manpower.

And you need to do hundreds of presentations and prototypes and so on until someone gives you the green light.

And Nas Daily has essentially taken the world of Silicon Valley for a ride by creating his own US 5 million dollar app.

He has been raising funds for this massive project (you can track his progress on his website) and has only sought out to hire a grand total of 6 people.

Doesn’t matter where they are in the world.

Only experience and attitude counts.

And his app is for regular everyday people like you and me to make our own one-minute videos to publish on Facebook without all the hassle he goes through.

Imagine a world where we can document our lives professionally with minimal work.

Yassin imagined this world.

Nas Daily is bringing this world to life.

The wonders never cease.

And yes, I’m definitely getting the app once it’s released!


10. That App Might Not Materialize

In a video posted on 5 May 2018, he revealed some details about that app.

Apparently, he raised USD$250,000 by 17 investors to build that app. He launched the app and on the very next day, he thought the app “sucked” and he “hated” it. He lost his motivation and fired his team.

He decided to persist by making more videos and build a media company instead. In fact, he wondered why he had made an app in the first place.

Like what he said, instead of building an app, he’s building a network of creators.

So, would there be an Nas Daily app eventually? We won’t know. But we do know that there’s a Goody Feed app, and it doesn’t suck (forced by my boss to write this).

Our app is fast, seamless and most importantly, has daily contents that are exclusive (i.e. they won’t be in our website or Facebook).

So, don’t wait liao: download our app for exclusive contents now!

11.  He does get hate. Lots of It

So, even though this article possibly portrays him as the darling of Facebook, it’s not always the case.

You know how your parents always tell you that you can’t please everyone?

Well, that’s especially true if you’re in the public eye.

Remember how people hated on him when he did a video about Singapore?

Image: YouTube

In typical Yassin fashion, he brushes it off.

It’s his life after all. And he is simply telling you a story he sees.

You can check out his Facebook page here.

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