11 Places to Have Mother’s Day Dinner For Less Than $15 Per Pax in 2018


Guys, Mother’s Day is this Sunday!!!

This. Sunday.

Please tell me you guys have a couple of plans for her already.

Now, since Mother’s Day is time for us kiddos to show appreciation and love to the most special women in our lives, we gotta make it good.

But a lot of us are sadly for one reason or another, on a budget.

Making it really hard to spoil our special moms the way they truly deserve.

But that doesn’t mean we still can’t treat our moms to a good meal out!

To help out all my friends on a budget out there, we’ve made a list of 10 places where you can have Mother’s Day dinner for less than 15 bucks per person!

Not all these places are going to have a really fancy ambience, just so you know.

We tried to make this list inclusive – from moms that are no-fuss, just wanting to spend time chatting and eating good food, to moms that like to be spoilt!


Whichever way your mom swings, she is special and deserves it, so here we go!

1. Saizeriya

Image: Saizeriya

Now, we have talked about this Japanese chain serving up some pretty good Italian fare.

And for good reason!

For moms that like simple Italian food, this is a good restaurant to take her to.

The food comes to you no-fuss, with a wide variety of choice in terms of dishes.

Even though the food is nothing over-the-top fantastic, it is still yummy enough to be enjoyed.

Just take note that the portions are small. But the food is really affordable so you can order multiple dishes and you can make it work out to $15 per person!

Perhaps even lesser if you have a small appetite!

We would recommend trying the Carbonara Spaghetti ($5.90), Four Cheese Ravioli ($4.90), Bacon Potato Gratin ($4.90), Pepperoni Pizza ($7.90), Pepper Chicken and Sausage ($8.90) and Hamburger and Pork ($8.90).

Freeflow drinks can be ordered for $2.80! 


2. Swee Choon Dim Sum

Image: misstamchiak.com

I am pretty sure that if you live in Singapore, you have definitely heard of Swee Choon Dim Sum!

Many of you might be wondering why such a casual place was included in this list.

Well, as I mentioned, we’ve tried to be inclusive in this list!

So this would cater to bigger families, moms who love dim sum, and even moms that just want to hang out in a casual setting with their family and have a good time!

A few of our recommended dishes would be Swee Choon Mee Suah Kueh ($2), Prawn and Banana Fritters ($2.80), Char Siew Pau ($1.80), Har Kow, ($2.40), Xiao Long Pau ($4), Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun ($3.60), Sichuan Chilli Oil Wanton ($4), Portuguese Egg Tart ($2.80).

3. Fat Boys

Image: Fat Boys Facebook Page

Do you have a momma that loves her burgers and meat?


If so, your mom is really cool because my mom has an aversion to burgers, while I’d just eat two big burgers in one sitting if I could.

Well, if you want to spoil your mom with a good, hearty, delicious, fatty burger, and you don’t want to spend over 20 bucks on a ‘fancy’ burger, please take your mom to Fat Boys!

Their food is filling, tasty, and definitely hits all the right spots!

Some of their bigger burgers do cost over 15 bucks, so the menu items inthe budget that we recommend would be The Elvis ($11), Bushtucker ($15), Jamaican Me Hungry ($13.50) and Bolly Wolly ($11).

Or just get one big burger and share lah.


4. So Pho

Image: So Pho

So Pho has recently beengaining some popularity amongst the locals, with a nice relaxed ambience and big steaming bowls of delicious pho.

The one thing I love about their pho, by the way, is that I really don’t find it too salty or too bitter.

They get such a good balance of the flavours in the broth.

So surprise your mom with some Vietnamese cuisine this Mother’s Day!

Their outlets usually have a very relaxed vibe, and their decor is quite aesthetically pleasing too.

We recommend the Vietnamese Beef Pho ($10.80), the Vietnamese Fried Rice with Seafood ($10.80), and the Fried Glass Noodles with Sesame Beef ($10.80).

5. Saveur

Image: hungryepicurean

Saveur serves up authentic French cuisine at affordable prices, for moms who want to be taken on a culinary journey far away!

This is one restaurant you can ask your mom to dress up for if that’s her thing!


It isn’t overly formal but boasts a rather smart-casual vibe.

Here, we recommend trying the Original Saveur Pasta ($10.90), Wild Mushroom Penne ($15.90), and Herb Roasted Chicken Breast ($15.90).

I do know that the dishes go slightly over the 15 dollar mark, as the majority of their dishes are over that budget, but we still decided this would be worth including.

Because the food tastes really good.

And the ambience is really nice.

And for a place serving up authentic French cuisine, we want to show that it can still be affordable if you make the right choices!

And I promise it’s really good value for money.

6. Bread Yard

Image: Bread Yard

Singaporeans love a good cafe and I certainly hope your mom falls into that category!

Because if so, Bread Yard is the perfect place to take her for Mother’s Day!

Its got such good vibes, a chilled-out ambience, and Instagram-worthy food.

Oh, yes, and did I mention that every single menu item (except the steak and salmon) is less than $15?

AND that they have an all-day breakfast option?

Plus the portions are pretty generous too!

We recommend the Big Boy’s ($15), Pulled Pork Benedict ($12), Cheesesteak Sandwich ($12), Bacon and Fried Egg Sandwich ($9), and the Bread Basket ($3).

7. Spize

Image: Spizesg

I cannot rave about this place enough.

Spize is my go-to place for birthdays, celebrations, dates and pretty much everything!

You have so much of choice in the type of food that it doesn’t matter if you are eating with the fussiest eater in Singapore.

There is still something for them there…

…even if that something is the Milo Godzilla ($5.50).

And that makes this place perfect for Mothers Day.

Now before you judge me for frequenting Spize even though you know of a really good XYZ restaurant, hear me out.

The food is good. It’s usually always packed out (make your reservations).

Like I’ve mentioned, there is something for everyone.

The ambience is awesome, and the decor is really beautiful.

Your mom would probably love this place!

I would recommend trying the Nasi Goreng Kampong ($7.50), Nasi Lemak Udang Sambal ($10.90), Mushroom and Cheese Prata ($4.50), Nasi Goreng Sambal Seafood ($8.50), The ‘Royale’ burger ($13.90), Mushroom Linguine ($13.90).

But I feel like whatever dish you go with, you will leave satisfied.

8. Window Sill Pies

Image: eatigo

This is for moms with a sweet tooth!

And sure, this isn’t a traditional dinner place, even though they do have a savoury menu (with items priced at $15 or under).

But the highlight of Windowsill Pies would be, well, the unique dessert pies.

They make every pie to absolute perfection.

What a treat for your mom!

The look stunning and taste even better!

Their pies are priced from $6 to $7 dollars, perfect for the dessert-for-dinner folk!

9. Makai Poke

Image: Time Out Singapore

Now, we haven’t forgotten moms who are on a health kick, or who just love good, healthy, delicious food!

And poke bowls are all the trend when it comes to yummy health food!

Which is why we included Makai Poke.

Which is not only affordable but delicious too!

Keep in mind that this is a takeaway-only place!

So we thought we’d make a great suggestion.

Take away some healthy, yummy food for mommy dearest and have dinner overlooking the water at Marina Bay – its close by!

Chat and enjoy the food and scenery, and maybe even take a stroll afterwards!

At Makai Poke, you can customise your meals, with large bowls (that’s three scoops of protein!) only at $13.50, making it one of the cheapest in Singapore!

So customise it to however you and your mom would like!

10. Knuckles Bistro

Image: aquaintsense

Love pork knuckles?

Well, Knuckles Bistro would be the place to go!

Unwind with your mom this mother’s day at the chilled out Knuckles restaurant.

Maybe even kick back with a good beer (if the budget allows, beers are $10).

Food here is hearty, fatty, satisfying and downright delicious.

Seriously, you have to try it!

We recommend the Pork Knuckle ($10) – which comes deboned, btw, Chicken Chop ($8), Ribeye Steak ($12), and Knuckles Pork Burger ($10).

Portions are big, food is good, and overall, it’s amazing value for money!

11. 566 Seafood & Beer Garden At Mandai Hill

Now, this is a little tricky: firstly, getting there is a challenge as it’s located in a pretty wulu place, and secondly, during Mother’s Day itself, the prices are pretty high (though the menu are extensive for the Mother’s Day promotion).

For the first challenge, simply Grab there.

For the second challenge, simply order the normal zi char food and it shouldn’t hit $15 a person.

This super hidden makan place just went through a revamp and is basically an air-conditioned zi char place selling zi char food at zi char prices. Yeah, you get the idea: you’re paying zi char prices for a restaurant setting.

A favourite among people living in Woodlands / Yew Tee, not trying their salted egg yolk chicken and their trademark hor fan is a sin.

And did I mention how Instagram-worthy the place is?

Image: Facebook (556 Seafood & Beer Garden)

Just so you know, you’ll better inform your mother that it’s a zi char place before making your way there. The name certainly seems to imply otherwise.

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