11 Real Changes A Guy Will Have After Getting Attached


Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 4:47 pm

Getting attached is a new form of commitment in your life, as your life is revolving your partner’s life, vice versa. However, have you ever wondered what real changes you go through when being in a relationship?

You get bigger and rounder in size
Your life starts to change for the better- or worse here. Guys will start to notice a significant growth in numbers on the weighing scale. If your girlfriend happens to be a foodie, good for you. However, if your girlfriend starts pushing her left over portion of chicken rice aka half the plate of chicken rice to you, good luck brother, there goes that morning run you just went for.

You’ll start to understand how a female mind works
Why do the media always exaggerate on how a female mind works? It gets pretty simple to understand after being in a long-term relationship. When your girlfriend says “no, it’s okay, have fun with your brothers.” ABORT MISSION! I repeat, abort mission. Do not proceed. Just go home to her and tell her that you’ll rather spend time with her. It isn’t that tough to understand the anatomy of a female brain, right?

Friends will stop asking you out
Ever wondered why your friends are no longer asking you out for late night poker or a basketball match? Your girlfriend is the source of that. You’ll start rejecting your friends’ offers to hang out whenever your girlfriend gives a pouty face asking you to accompany her to watch her favourite chick flick on Netflix or you simply have no time because work takes up most of your time, and you’re also a dedicated boyfriend who wishes to spend his evenings back at home with her – good for you. However, true friends don’t need to meet all the time to know what’s going on in each other lives. We’ve got Facebook.

Family gatherings always consist of – Where is your girlfriend?
Your aunty walks into the room and the first thing which comes out of her mouth will be “Where is your girlfriend?”,”She didn’t come with you today?” Your girlfriend will be the talk of the family dinner. Your relatives will be asking you about the whereabouts of your girlfriend, or when you are getting married. Well lad, being in a relationship is about having conversations about your partner, and it isn’t very much about you anymore.

Your money will slowly deplete
You will start thinking about applying for a BTO or how much your wedding will cost you. Do not worry, you are not alone. Many other boyfriends out there share the same problem as you.

You will spend more money on another person other than yourself
Back to the previous point ; your girlfriend will be part of your expenses. When you bring her out for anniversary dates, you will need to spend that extra $120 you get from the gruelling OT you did last month and you will need to probably get her a present for her birthdays. That’s extra moolahs right there, bro.

Your phone bill might explode
Your first trimester of the relationship will consist of a lot of late night phone calls with your girlfriend. Your girlfriend will probably get you to call her (girls need more money for clothes, hair etc) because she wants to save on her phone bills. So, my poor Singaporean boyfriend, you can expect to spend $20 more on your phone bills each month.

You can start sharing your issues with your lover
You’ll be able to share those problems at work with your girlfriend, and she will be willing to listen to you and share your burden with you. Girls tend to be more sensitive with issues like that, and they will advise you well especially if you’re dealing with a snobby lady boss back at work. Well, females will definitely understand another female better, right?

You can finally hit the movies with someone
Have you ever wanted to catch a horror movie showing in the cinemas but you do not want to wait for it to be online before watching it? The first gets the dibs right? You can finally walk to the ticket counter to purchase a pair of couple seat tickets, not a single seat (finally!), for that blockbuster which you’ve been dying to catch. It also comes with a free cuddle with your girlfriend when the haunting scary scene appears during the movie.

You’ll get a new member in family
Going back to the point where your relatives will ask you about your girlfriend’s whereabouts: She’s like family, so your mum might be nicer to her than to you, but don’t be jealous: your mum just wants her to love you better. Your siblings (if you have any) will start to enjoy the companionship of a new member in the family. In many ways, your family will appreciate the presence of a new member more.

You’ll learn to appreciate more
You’ll start to appreciate having someone beside you, even if you’ve been fretting about the weight you’ve been putting on because of your girlfriend fussy eating habits, or sacrificing time with your friends for her. Ultimately, she’s the one who’s willing to share her secrets with you, vice versa and you’ll be building a future with her. She’s your family now and you should appreciate her.

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