11 Things Cashiers Hate That Customers Should Know


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If you’re a cashier or you’ve once been one, you’ll know that the job simply isn’t about standing there and scanning items.

It’s a relatively stressful job that is demanding both physically and mentally—and unless you’ve done it for a few days, you won’t understand these shits that we’ve been through. Like, seriously.

Long queues = nasty and angry customers
Do you honestly think we the cashiers are responsible for the long queues? It pains us to see a long queue as well, as it means we can’t go for toilet breaks.

So keep your anger to yourself and Stomp if you want to at home—but never, ever vent your anger at us. I can assure you that we’re just as angry.

No toilet breaks
How would you feel if you’re a customer who has been queuing for fifteen minutes, and when it’s your turn, the cashier goes for a toilet break?



You bet. That’s why cashiers apparently don’t have toilet breaks—unless their bladders are really going to explode.

“Beggars” who pay in all ten-cent coins when buying a $50 item
We term them “beggars” because we think they’ve got all the coins by begging on the street. Imagine having a long queue behind and you’ve to count 500 coins.

Usually, we just trust the fellow and put everything into our cash register.

Items that aren’t in the store
Trust me, there’ll be jokers who pass an item to you, and as you desperately try to find its barcode, the jokers would then say, “Oh, sorry, that one is my umbrella!”


It’s funny when you encounter it once, but when you’ve encountered it many times, with occurrences when even the customer didn’t know why you can’t scan the item, you get annoyed.

Standing for hours…and hours
You won’t see a cashier sitting down and having a break, because if he does so, his supervisor will break him, and he’ll break down.

Settlement at the end of the day
So, it’s 10:00 p.m., and everyone is going off?

Not you, my dear cashier. You stay back and do settlement until you’re done. That’s usually about twenty minutes…if all things go well. If not…

You’ve to pay for any shortage of cash
Yeah, at least that was how it was like during my time.

Anything below $5 and the supervisor can cover it with surplus from other cashiers, but if it’s more than that, you’ll have to pay.

Imagine dropping a $50 note and having to pay that amount…when that day’s salary is only $30. #truestory

You’ve got to count lots of money… that is not yours
After every shift, you’ll spend over ten minutes concentrating on one thing: counting money. It has become so routine that anyone who has once been a cashier can count a stack of notes faster than a banker.

Customers think you’re more than just a cashier and ask lots of questions
”Where’s the bread located?” “Can you bring me to your manager?” “Are you guys engaging?”

Here’s one sentence to sum it up all: Cashiers aren’t customer service officers. So direct your questions to someone more relevant!


You’ll always run out of ten-dollar note
Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the ten-dollar note is such a limited edition note that people often pay with a $50 note for a $5 item.

And when you give the change of $45 in five-dollar note, you’ll get that glare.

The awkward period when the NETS machine takes forever to connect
…and you’ll just look at the POS machine for a full minute instead of at the customer. FYI, the words are “Dialing primary…”

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