11 Types of ‘Influencers’ We Really Buay Tahan


We’ve seen a lot of influencers on SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook. Some are pretty worthwhile to follow, but some are such mood-killers.

There are a number of influencers we simply buay tahan. I mean, they literally make you wanna choke up and vomit blood.

Here are 11 types that are so, so annoying.

The One Who’s ALWAYS About the Money
These are the fellas who want to show that they have earned the dollar, and yet not share how they did it. It’s more like you’re stuck in their gloats and brazen attitude that looks like a 5-year old screaming “See, see, I got more money then you! Hahaha!”.

The Unorganized Online Star
Pretty much anyone can create a profile and build it up to influencer status. But you know the ones that glare out the most? The ones with bad grammar and spelling errors. Some facts aren’t even true. Some show up late for an interview or event.

Professionalism has to be learnt.

The Unrealistic Number of Followers
Let’s face it – the bigger your followers, the larger target group you’d be able to reach out too. Sadly, there are some fellas out there who resort to buying followers, most of which who won’t take a second glance at their Instagram page, ever.

The One Who Never Talks About His Experiences
People want an influencer to share his side of the story, and what he feels about it. That is mostly what makes an influencer’s profile pop out.

Some gals just share pics and selfies, and then a sentence or two with nothing about how they actually felt. Sad, sad.

The Everything-Jalan Influencer
Influencers tend to stick to one topic – fitness, health, food, fashion etc. These kinds of influencers are just looking to get whatever they can onto their followers, and dump whatever they come across on their page. There’s no actual sense to what they’re posting about in the first place.

The Ones Who Ask for Messages, Then Don’t Reply
Imagine you saw an Instagram Story about how this influencer wants to know questions you have about getting a six-pack. You DM him. And then – radio silence.

The Ones Who Give Factless, Bad Reviews
Go for makan, eat kau-kau and then say it’s super horrible and advise followers to not go there. It doesn’t help that the posts include some really horrid words too.

The Ones Who Advertise Products (And Probably Didn’t Try It Too!)
The guy and lady influencers who post about slimming teas and protein shakes all the time, but probably never even sipped the stuff. Beware of what (or in this case, who) you trust online.

The One Constantly Throwing-Back #TBT
Almost every other day, there’s a throwback Thursday post. Oh, I wish I was on holiday. Oh, I wish I was having fun with my pal. Oh, I wish I could eat this again.

Enough lah. Move on, please.

The One On a Weight Loss Mission, But Still Binge Eats
On Facebook, the girl shows a salad with minimal dressing. Then you actually read her Twitter feed and she’s just checked into McDonald’s. Crazy leh.


The One Who Forgets How to Wear Clothes (or that Clothes Exist)
Okay, maybe some guys like it, but seriously? Is it really that hot in Singapore?