12 Facts About Funan Mall, The SLS-Turned-Hipster Mall That Everyone’s Going Now


Okay, the latest building in town that has everybody buzzing isn’t Jewel anymore.

Instead, it’s this.

Image: Capitaland

Yup, you got it.


The IT mall that got shut down years ago for a huge renovation, and now, it’s back as a lifestyle destination.

But did you know you can use cryptocurrency to buy food here, or that by the end of this year, robots will be helping to collect and send your purchases to designated collection points?

Here are 12 facts about Funan, the SLS-turned-hipster mall that everybody wants to go to now.


1. Before

My non-existent friend always asks me, where’s the best place to start? And I always say, the beginning.

So before Funan turned into the glorious, sexy K-pop idol that it is today, here’s what it looked like before.

Image: Ghetto Singapore

It started operations in 1985 as a general mall before it got converted into a “computer themed” mall.

However, due to online shopping, the mall declined in the later years and tenants were forced to close down.


It all came to a head on 30 June 2016 where everybody was made to move out and the building was demolished to make way for a massive revamp.

2. 85% Larger Than Old Funan Mall & Way More IG-Worthy

If there’s one thing Funan has taught us, it’s that money solves problems. I mean, with $560 million, you can turn Funan from this

Image: Capitaland

To this.

Image: Capitaland

In June 2019, Funan opens its doors again to the public. And this time, it’s bigger and better.

Image: Capitaland

According to Capitaland, this is a “multimedia art installation that is a first-of-its-kind in Singapore.”And it can be programmed to show other animated content.

Stretching 887,000 sqft (~82,405 sqm) in total gross floor area, the new six-storey Funan Mall is 85% larger than its predecessor, the Funan DigitaLife Mall.

Plastic surgery works, people.

3. It’s Not An IT Mall Anymore

For those of you wishing that Funan will remain an IT mall because we don’t want to depend on just Sim Lim, you’ll be disappointed.

Because Funan isn’t the IT mall anymore. It’s now a lifestyle mall with mixed retail options.

Most people nowadays just buy wherever they feel like. Sometimes that’s the physical stall, sometimes that’s online.


Funan is fitting into that lifestyle change by instead focusing on building interactive communities clustered around passion themes Chic, Craft, Fit, Play, Taste and Tech.

Some brand names thrown as us are W!ld Rice theatre, Golden Village Cineplex, TFX fitness centre, Climb Central indoor rock climbing, The Ark futsal facility, ABC Cooking Studio and farm-to-table dining at Japanese restaurant Noka in collaboration with Edible Garden City.

4. But It Lives Up To Its Tech-History By Being A High-Tech Mall

If Funan was to become a run-of-the-mill mall in Singapore, Singaporeans would probably protest at Hong Lim Speakers’ Corner.

But this particular mall retains part of its technology heritage.

This is Singapore’s first “online and offline mall”, powered by an “ecosystem of sensors, data analytics and facial recognition tools to better understand consumer shopping habits and preferences”.

5. Everything Can Be Done Though An App

Image: Capitaland

Funan customers will be able to access a host of hi-tech features through the CapitaStar members’ app, where they’ll be able to book and access open studios, sign up for craft workshops, get tickets to theatre performances at Wild Rice and book meeting rooms at WeWork.


The app will also sync with the mall’s smart parking lots, which will allow drivers to book parking lots in advance, locate their car and fork out parking fees with it. But take note that out of the 400 parking lots available, only 36 lots are open for reservation.

An in-app ePayment feature called StarPay will also be available as a payment option, which means having a wallet will be thing of the past at this mall.

6. It’s Not Only The Mall That’s High Tech

The shops (or tenants) are too.

Image: Capitaland

COURTS’ first IoT-themed store sells the latest smart home, AI and voice-control technology.

Love, Bonito has an electronic queuing system for fitting rooms and augmented reality (AR) walkway photo spot.


KOPItech food court allows you to order via Facebook Messenger or self-service kiosks, which accepts various e-payments. Including cryptocurrencies.

Golden Village (GV) has Virtual Reality pods with popular games and cinematic content.

7. There’s A Robot Too

Funan will be equipped with a 24-hour click-and-collect drive-through facility.

If you’re not a fan of carrying purchases around while window shopping, an in-mall robot will be able to pick up purchases from stores and deposit the bags at the mall’s click-and-collect boxes at Basement 2.

However, these services will only be in place at the end of the year.

8. You Won’t Get Lost In This Mall

I get it. This mall looks like the second coming of VivoCity, a mall so confusing you’d have gotten lost in it at least once.

But with their smart directories, you probably wouldn’t.

Image: Capitaland

There are about 40 of these bad boys in the mall.


And here’s the coolest part, it doesn’t just show you where you are currently at. It also helps you to map the shortest possible route to your selected store with their wayfinding system.

9. You Can Work There Too

Okay, let me clarify, I don’t mean they’re hiring.

The mall has two office blocks, and will be home to MNCs as well as “coworking spaces for the mobile workforce”.

Image: Capitaland

The twin office towers will have facial recognition turn-stile access so even if you left your work pass at home, you’re still allowed access into the building.

If you’re hoping to convince your boss to move the company into Funan, better do it fast because they’ve already achieved 98% leasing.

You’re fighting over the last 2%, people.

10. Indoor Cycling Track

Funan has an indoor cycling path 200 metres long, said to serve working professionals.

Image: Capitaland

The end of the trail leads to a Bicycle Hub, which has shower cabins, lockers, a bicycle repair and pump station.

Image: Capitaland

Bicycle counters for cyclists to eat meals while seated on bicycles will be present, as well as 166 bicycle bays.

11. The ‘Tree of Life’

Image: Capitaland

What you’re supposed to see here is a “Tree of Life”, although I’m not sure how they got the name in the first place.

But what is cool is that this is a centre stage of 20 showrooms that people can use to showcase products, conduct classes, or have pop-up events.

Image: Capitaland

In other words, expect a lot of activities going on around the tree.

12. Lyf

Alright, Funan lives by this motto: “Live, Work, Play”. So they’ve covered work and play, what else? Live, right?

And because it’s millennial language, it’s not Live, it’s Lyf.

Image: lyfbyascott.com

Ascott’s (the people behind Funan) first co-living property, lyf, will be live (excuse the pun) by Oct 2019.

In anticipation of that, they’re running a showcase of lyf’s co-living spaces on the third floor of Funan.

It’ll include the social kitchen, communal lounge, laundromat and a “one of a kind” (studio) apartment.

Not only do you get a preview of the co-living experience at lyf, but you’ll also be able to win prizes including a complimentary stay at lyf Funan Singapore.

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