12 Japanese Snacks You Can Find in 7-11 So You Don’t Have To Specially Travel To Daiso


Last Updated on 2016-08-19 , 7:56 pm

Here at the Goody Feed office, our writers are avid snackers. Give us a pack of chips, and you will see it gone within seconds. However, we are all about not wasting our calories, so we can be very selective when it comes to choosing the right nibbles.

When we found out that 7-11 will be launching a 12 new range of snacks under their brand, we were stoked. Priced at S$2.50 – S$3.50 each, not only are they addictive, they are also very easy on the wallets – definitely something which entices us most because well, some of us are still saving for our BTO.

Check out these 12 Japanese Snacks below!

1. Sesame Stick (S$2.50)

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The black and white sesame biscuit is a family favourite in Japan. It may look unassuming, but we swear the sesame seeds made it highly addictive. The biscuit is often referred to as an “asparagus stick” due to its shape and studded nature.

2. Hosogiri Potato Chips (Spicy) (S$2.50)WhatsApp Image 2016-08-18 at 10.54.41 AM (1)

Though it indicates that the snack is spicy, it is extremely bearable. The premium potato sticks are first cooked in chicken broth before they are deep fried in premium vegetable oil to a crisp and then dusted with fiery red pepper powder.

Packed full of flavor, this is the best snack for a perk me up on a dull afternoon.

3. Mixed Nuts

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From left to right: 7-Select Kodawari Peanuts (S$2.80), 7-Select Mixed Nuts (S$3.20), 7-Select Kodawari Peanuts with Crackers (S$2.80)

Once in a while, we do have people in the office who use nuts as meal replacements or as an energy booster in the noon so these came right in time!

The roasted mixed nuts (S$3.20) gave an enticing nutty aroma and are tossed in fine mineral sea salt from the seaside town of Muroto in the Kōchi Prefecture, before being sealed in an air-tight bag.

4.Tamago Boro (S$2.80)

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Many people might be familiar with this nibble and it reminded us fondly of our childhood snack – Wang Wang.

The melt-in-the-mouth textures of each Tamago Boro made it extremely addictive to savour. Trust us, once you start munching on a handful, you can’t and won’t stop.

5. Butter Cookies (S$3.50)

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Made with premium European butter, these butter cookies are individually packed to retain its freshness. We loved how the cookies were not overly buttery, which made us feel less sinful after consuming it – we often live in denial that way.

6. Peanuts Chocolate (S$2.50)

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Best snack for a meeting, or just to fill up your tummies before lunch. The aromatic peanuts are coated with semi-sweet chocolate, and every bite comes with a hearty crunch.

To make doubly sure that these are at its freshest, the peanuts are packed within 12 hours of the manufacturing process. #dedication

7. Langue De Chat: Chocolate OR White Chocolate (S$3.30)

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The Langue De Chat comes in 2 flavours – white chocolate and dark chocolate and is extremely thin perfect to go with any beverage of your choice! Since these biscuits are so light, you can have morsels of these at a go and not feel the calories weighing down on you!

8. Sakusaku Corn Cheese (S$3.20)

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These addictive Sakusaku Corn Cheese chips are made with Cheddar, Camembert and Cream Cheese. These morsels are light-weight and extremely crispy – possibly one of our favourites!

We just opened this bag 15 minutes ago, and it’s now down to the last few pieces.

9. Mini Coconut Biscuits (S$2.50)

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Each mouthful comes with fragrant coconut flakes, and are encased with rich vanilla and coconut flavors! Each biscuit is also dusted with sugar granulates which gives it an extra tinge of sweetness.



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Together with 7-11, we will be giving away 8 FULL-SIZED HAMPERS which contain all of the Japanese snacks listed above. Win it and bring it to the office and share with your colleagues, or save it for your family at home. Heck, you can even keep all of it to yourself and snack on it while you are watching your favourite movie – the best way to save on Popcorn, eh?

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All the best!

This article was written in collaboration with 7-11.

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