14YOs Tried To Refill Lighter with Butane In Toa Payoh & They Became Fire Instead

I love DIY projects. It’s definitely cheaper than actually going out to a shop to buy the real deal. Plus, it makes for a fun little activity.

The problem is, it doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to. Sometimes, the cat-shaped pinata you’re trying to make ends up looking like a rat. #truestory.

Other times, you accidentally set yourself on fire, which is yet another true story:

14YOs Tried To Refill Lighter with Butane In Toa Payoh & They Became Fire Instead

Two 14-year-old boys had the bright idea of manually refilling their lighters with cans of butane. Unfortunately, their plans went up in flames.

No really, it literally went up in flames.

Their actions caused a flash fire and they were forced to go to the hospital on 17 December.

A resident who spoke to Lianhe Wanbao said that he saw two youths sitting at the corridor as the neighbour’s domestic helper poured water on them.

Image: Giphy

If you’re wondering if this was some kind of satanic ritual that involves pouring water on strangers, the answer is no.

The two boys were trying to open two cans of butane when the liquid caught fire, which in turn set their clothes on fire.

You know, cause and effect.

Source: Giphy

Running & Screaming Shirtless Through The Corridor

They then pulled their shirts off and ran from the eighth floor to the sixth, screaming for help.

Can you imagine two young, shirtless boys running through the corridor screaming?

The domestic helper said that she was feeding her employer medicine when she heard someone running outside.

That was when she saw the two boys covered in burns while running down the stairs and screaming for water.

After the ordeal, the boys plead with the neighbours not to call the police. They claimed to be alright but in reality, they allegedly looked like they were in pain.

Luckily, “not 10 minutes later, the police, SCDF and ambulance arrived, found them in the neighbouring block and sent them to the hospital.”

SCDF was alerted to the incident and they brought the boys to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital for treatment.

I’m glad that at the very least they got the proper medical treatment they needed at the hospital.

Remember kids, don’t play with fires. Or lighters.


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