16 Ways to Lose Weight People Who has Successfully Done So Won’t Tell Anyone


Last Updated on 2023-04-07 , 10:45 am

It’s HARD to lose weight. You’re sorry for yourself and your body for the extra plates of bak chor mee and chai tow kway you’ve just had yesterday.

But sorry isn’t going to be enough.

You’ve got to lose those kilos, and make sure they do not reappear. EVER again. Goodbye, McFlurry. And say hello to these 16 tips.

And actually, we more or less know you’re acutely aware about these tips. The question is, how willing are you to do all these?

1. Forget About Trendy Diets

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that out of three years spent in a diet, almost 65% of the dieters got back all the weight they lost. Why? They got skinny with the help of a diet, but it’s a short-term solution. It won’t get you lifelong kicking results.

In other words, there’s no short-cut diet to losing weight. The only diet to lose weight is…to be on a diet.

2. Pump Some Iron

Strength training helps A LOT. Your fat will melt away and you’ll find those sexy muscles you’ve been dying for. Aim to work with a kettlebell, dumbbell or even a strength-training machine at least 2 times a week for the best results. After all, with more muscles, you’ll burn more calories.

3. Make Your Daily Walks More Challenging

Skip the lift for the stairs. Walk around short distances instead of paying for a cab or bus ticket. Even ten minutes a day is good enough to burn calories!

4. Eat When You Feel Hungry ONLY

Before you bite that butter bun, ask yourself this: Are you REALLY hungry? Or is it because of your thirst/stress/anxiousness? If it’s because of any of these feelings, eating is not going to solve the problem. In fact, it’s going to make you feel even worse.

5. Do A Weekly Weight Check

Recording your weight gives you a number. And this is no ordinary number. It’s going to help you gauge if your eating habits are helping or ruining your weight loss plan. You’ve now got a connection on what you put in your mouth and your kilos. You’ll also find yourself more conscious about what you eat. No more McWings!


If you need to, you can simply download an app to monitor your progress…or your loss.

6. Start Your Day With Exercise

Get out of that bed about 30 minutes before you start your day and sweat it out.  There are lesser distractions to deal with and you can do some bodyweight exercises in peace. This is the best time for planks, squats, lunges and donkey kicks!

7. Schedule Your Workouts

Waking up too early is just too much for you? Do this instead – get a planner and add your workout schedules into them every week. Make it work by having a trainer or friend to work out with you!

8. Your Fridge is Your BFF

Meals need to be taken seriously. Plan your meal out for the next day. If you don’t, you’ll be heading to Old Chang Kee at 4:00 p.m. for a curry puff. Keep some carrot and celery sticks in your fridge. Stock up for the next day with simple grab-and-go meals like a lentil soup grilled shrimp with potato salad or stir-fried noodles with loads of greens.

9. Make More Friends

Your buddies are people who love burgers and fries. They whine at the thought of going to the gym or even a brisk walk. This is not going to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Meet new people at a gym or yoga class for a more motivated support group. Try talking your buds into joining you too!

10. Eat Frequently

WHAT? But yes! Munching keeps your metabolism on the go, especially when it’s done every 3-4 hours. Just eat healthily and leave the processed foods out.

And of course, we’re talking about small meals, not three McChickens per meal.

11. Have Your Breakfast

If you start your day with a healthy and even heavy breakfast, it kinda maps out what the rest of the day is going to be like (on your plate). Give overnight oats with chia seeds, honey, almonds and a splash of milk a try!

12. Red Lights For Trigger Foods

Moderation should not be applied when it comes to doughnuts, pratas and nasi lemak. They’re best taken off of your meal plan. Stuff with hidden sugars too like chocolates and lattes are a no-go.

13. Stick to Three

Three of what? Three meals outside your apartment. The more you eat at home, the more control you have over calories, sugar, salt and fat in your meal. Your waist will thank you for it!


14. Stock Up On Flavonoids

Foods that are rich in flavonoids – bell peppers, pears, onions, bananas and grapes, for instance, are good for your figure. These veggies and fruits have a plant compound that keeps inflammation away and absorbs fat.

15. The Ultimate Plate Rule

Fill up half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables. Think of a salad or a solid round of stir-fried veggies. Another 25% should be made up of whole grains, beans or any other unrefined carb. The remaining 25% should make up for lean protein like a slab of chicken or fish.

16. Go for High-intensity Interval Training Instead of a Long Jog

It has been proven again and again that a short burst of high-intensity training is much better than a long, boring jog. It also saves you time!

To help you, simply download apps that provide HIIT workouts. You’ll suffer for a few minutes, but you’ll burn more fats than you’ve ever imagined.

The whole idea of HIIT workout is that while you won’t burn that many calories during the workout itself, you’ll burn more for the rest of the day – when in your sleep.