150 Worms Found in Woman’s Stomach Because of Hygiene Issue

Have you ever got a stomachache so bad that when you moaned about it to your parents, they said that you might have worms in your stomach? Well, it literally occurred to this lady.

Neha Begum, an Indian woman from Chandauli, Uttar Pradeseh in Northern India, was admitted to the hospital due to severe abdominal pains and vomiting for more than a month. She was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction and immediately had to undergo surgery.

To the doctors’ shock, 150 live worms with length of up to 25 cm were found inside her stomach squirming and wriggling around. One of the doctors, Dr Anand Prakash Tiwari said: “I was shocked. This was an extremely unusual case. We have come across cases with three or four earthworms but this is the first time we have come across such a huge number.”

Initially, Neha had visited a few general physicians but they all sent her home with just painkillers. “I was in extreme pain for weeks. It was awful. I suffered so many sleepless nights and I used to scream in pain and vomiting. But now it’s like I have a new life. I am very thankful to the doctors here for ending my problem,” said Neha. 

Fortunately, the worms were discovered before they had travelled to her brain or else she would have suffered serious neurological damage. The cause of the manifestation of worms in Neha’s stomach was due to her unhygienic lifestyle where she might not have washed her vegetables thoroughly or have drank non-purified water. In those cases, eggs are usually present and will be assimilated into a person’s body. 

Thus, it is imperative for basic hygiene standards to be met lest you want worms to be wriggling around your stomach! 

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