15YO Girl Alleged Dad Sexually Harassed Her But Relative Claims It’s Fabricated By the Mother

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If you’ve been using Instagram recently, you might’ve stumbled upon a reshared Instagram story.

A 15-year-old girl called her dad out for sexual harassment amongst other alleged sexual misconduct.

Revealing her father’s occupation as well as financial details, she went on to disclose his various misdeeds, stemming from sexual harassment to cheating with multiple partners.

And she lodged a police report against him.

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The police have since intervened and are currently investigating the girl’s allegations.

But here’s the thing; if you thought things pretty clear cut (like, it’s so obvious who the culprit is, like duhhhh), there might yet be a twist to the tale.

A relative has claimed that the siblings’ mother was fabricating the entire story, in order to retain custody of the children. 

15YO Girl Alleged Dad Sexually Harassed Her But Relative Claims It’s Fabricated By the Mother

According to Shin Min Daily News, the teenager had posted the allegations on social media and accused her father of hurting her and her brother.

The post, which soon became viral online, was accompanied by a police report.

Apparently, the girl had previously reported the incident with her mother’s help, as the latter was better at writing. The content in the report was then verified by the girl and her brother.


Now that the girl’s 15 and able to lodge a police report on her own, she wishes to expose the alleged sexual harassment, and is ready to cooperate with police investigations.

Interview with Shin Min

It should be mentioned that when interviewed by Shin Min, the siblings were accompanied by their mother.

According to the girl, her parents actually commenced divorce proceedings in 2016. Back then, her father never acted inappropriately.

Things changed, however, when they began to live separately. It was agreed that the siblings would live with their mother on weekdays, and their father on weekends.

And it was apparently then that the siblings started feeling some amiss.

The girl’s brother, too, felt something was up when he confided in a friend.

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The siblings’ mother has expressed support for her children even though there was no concrete evidence, and stated that she hoped to get justice for them.

Is there more than meets the eye, though?

A relative has since claimed that the siblings’ mother was fabricating the story, in a bid to regain custody of the children.

According to court documents, the siblings’ father had been granted custody of them after their mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in October 2016.


As the siblings did not wish to stay with their father, the girl said they were sent to a shelter instead. After a 37-day stay, they eventually returned to live with their mother.

Police investigations are currently ongoing.

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