16YO Girl Says She’ll Continue Performing In T-Rex Suit Despite Being Beaten Up & Cut By Crazy Passers-By

Image: taiwannews.com.tw

What would you do if you see a street performer on the street busking for money?

Ignore them and walk away?

Give some money and appreciate their performance?

Or harass them simply because you can? Maybe because you’ve made a dare with your friends to do something “cool”.

Most of us would choose option 1 or 2 but looked perplexed at the idea of people going for option 3.

But believe it or not, that’s what this 16-year-old girl with a sad story faced on the streets most of the time.

Teenager Took To Facebook To Share Her Street Performing Experience

She is a 16-year-old student in Taiwan who took to performing on the streets in an inflatable T-Rex suit.

And don’t think of her simply standing in a T-Rex suit at a spot, begging for alms.

She performs too and twirls a silver staff in her hand like a pro. Here’s a video of her performing at the night market.

She typically performed near a night market with a sign asking for donations.

Image: Facebook page 奇寶恐龍來了!

Here’s a translation of what it read:

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Hello everybody~ I am a student ~ 16 years old asking for donations to pay my school fees. Thank you!

You’re welcome to take photos with me!

I am a female 16-year-old student asking for donations to pay my school fees and I have fans.

Now, usually, if you’ve read and believed her claims, you would probably spare as much as you possibly can and go on with life.

Or, simply walk past her and go on with life.

But this teenage girl didn’t get away so easily

Image: Facebook page 奇寶恐龍來了!

On 8 Feb, the 16-year-old uploaded a picture of a bloodied mask with the following caption:

“After being hit and bleeding, I feel like my nose was almost broken. But I don’t know who it was. It’s very puzzling. Who provoked whom? And nobody saw… No one can testify for me.”

Concerned netizens immediately told her to make a police report, but she said she couldn’t as she could not identify who assaulted her.

Nor can she find anyone who can testify on her behalf.

And It’s Wasn’t The First Time

There was a man who spat at her while she was performing.

And she remembered a time when a man came up to her, seemingly wanting to shake her hand. Then, he cut her with an object.

There were also cases of people coming up to her donation box and attempting to take away her earnings.

But She’s Not Going To Stop Performing

However, despite all that, she isn’t deterred and said she’ll continue to perform at the night market.

She thanked her fans for their support over the incident and hope they’ll continue supporting her.

Kudos to her.