16YO Hong Kong Teen Alleges That She Was Gangraped By 4 Policemen At Police Station

You and I are probably thinking the same thing, “another one? not again.”

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As suggested by the headline of this article. Yes, we’ve got another case of an alleged sexual crime committed to a woman.

The victim, a 16-year-old teenager, claimed that she had been gang-raped by officials at the Tsuen Wan Police Station in Hong Kong. The incident was reported to have happened on 27 September.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, the girl was left impregnated by the incident. Soon after, she aborted the baby at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Following her abortion was a series of dispute from the police who denied that the incident ever happened.

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According to the South China Morning Post, the police confirmed that the victim’s lawyer had reported the case to the Complaints Against Police Office (CAPO) on 22 October.

The Events in a Nutshell

The victim claimed that she had been seized by four policemen on 27 October. She shared that she had been walking past the station when the incident occurred. She mentioned that she had not been a part of the protests.

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The 16-year-old was allegedly taken inside the police station where she was arrested. She was then taken into a room where the four men proceeded to rape her.

After the incident, the victim started to show signs of depression. It was only in mid-October that she discovered that was pregnant during a visit to the hospital. In November, the girl got an abortion at the Queen Elizabeth hospital.

Inconsistent Allegations

The police did, however, say that there have been inconsistencies in the victim’s account. A statement from the police said, “Up till now, the allegation of the complainant does not match investigation results, and police will continue to investigate the relevant claims.”

A police insider also shared that CCTV footage around the area did not show the victim’s presence at the police station during the time of the attack.

Furthermore, her descriptions of her perpetrators and the place where the rape had taken place did not match reality.

The police also told the South China Morning Post that they had no records of the girl’s arrest or her presence.

Circulating Rumours on Social Media

However, according to Hong Kong Free Press, rumours have circulated around the internet that foetal DNA has been obtained as evidence to identify the suspect. It was also rumoured that a police officer had followed into the operating room during the girl’s abortion.

A Facebook group HA Secrets posted the following:

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Translation by Mothership:

“After conducting many rounds of fact-checking by the admins, they found that there was indeed a 16-year-old teenager who became pregnant after getting arrested and detained by the Tsuen Wan police.

She subsequently underwent an abortion.

Foetal DNA has already been obtained, and the identity of the perpetrator is being investigated at the moment.

The case is currently sub judice.”

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The victim’s lawyer neither confirmed nor denied the police’s statement. Meanwhile, the spokespeople from the hospital declined to comment.

Investigations are still underway. In the meantime, the case remains unsolved.


Whatever the outcome may be, we hope that she gets the relevant medical attention that she needs and that she finds peace from the accident.

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