18YO Woman Fell into Coma After Drinking 2 Cups of Milk Tea Every Day for a Month


It’s no leap of logic to say that milk tea is the best invention since the sliced bread. When they say that Asians have a tea culture, I’m sure bubble tea is what they are referring to.

In fact, it’s so important to us that while giving his briefings, Lawrence Wong is reportedly said to have brought three cups of bubble tea in one seating.

Not sure if this is Photoshopped or not

Such is the importance of bubble tea, that I’m sure all of us have this burning question: What if we drank two cups of bubble tea every day?

The good news: it turns your body into that like a deity.

The bad news: the deity is a laughing buddha. Also, doing this might give you a coma.

18-year-old From Shanghai Drank Sweet Drinks Worth 100 Yuan (S$20) Every Day

As Sina reports, the 125kg Tian Tian (not real name) is a lover of milk tea and was not fond of exercise.

She had decided that she would order sweet drinks like milk tea and Coca Cola every day in the past month.


That included two cups of milk tea every day.

Image: Giphy

Which begs the question: what was she trying to achieve?

Is this a full sugar challenge? Does she just love bubble tea? Did the bubble tea god whisper into her ears and told her she was the chosen one?

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We don’t know what the question is, but we do know the answer:

She Fell Into a Coma, Lots of Complications

Image: Sina

Tian Tian was found unconscious on the evening of 2 May 2020 and sent to Ruijin Hospital in Jiading, Shanghai.

Upon medical examination, doctors found out that the reason for her coma was because of high blood sugar. Blood tests suggest that her blood sugar levels were 25 times the average person.

Image: Imgflip

Tian Tian had developed dryness of the mouth, nausea, and a frequent urge to urinate more than a week before her coma.

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Other than high blood sugar, she had experienced shock, weakened skeletal muscles and kidney damages.

Her medical report is practically all red.

Image: Sina

5 Days Later, She Woke Up

After a series of rescue measures by the medical team, her levels gradually returned to normal.

After five days, she slowly recovered and regained consciousness. She no longer needed to rely on the ventilator and lost 35kg in the process.

On 1 June 2020, she was transferred to Nanxiang Hospital for further treatment.

So what’s the moral of the story? For that, you’ll have to see the message she told the medical team when leaving the hospital:


To never drink bubble tea again.

What’s The Recommendation?

According to Director Lu Yiming of the Emergency Department, they had previously treated three other cases like Tian Tian.

All were overweight, did not control their sugar intake and had no knowledge that they had diabetes.

Also, all could have died without the prompt treatment they received.

He recommends people to drink less sugary drinks, exercise more regularly and undergo regular physical examinations to assess their risk.

But you’re probably thinking: Hah, I’m not overweight like this girl. I can do what I want.


Wrong. It’s recommended that you drink 2 cups of bubble MAX per month. Even if you’re not overweight.

Reader: Well, alright then, just one per day.

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