19YO Teenager Gives Birth To Baby In Club, Manager Gives Baby Free Entry For Life

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Let’s play a game of, Describe Your First Clubbing Experience in a Sentence.

I’ll go first!

My first clubbing experience was…. I would call it an achievement.

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I was brought up by strict Catholic parents who thought of clubbing as satan’s bait to sin. It was a heaven-sent miracle that they were fast asleep the night my drunken self made her long-awaited debut.

Kids, listen to your parents!

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The club is a breeding ground for an infinite amount of firsts. Some fond, while others… Not so.

Imagine giving birth just as you are about to Crank That for Soulja Boy. As absurd as it sounds, it actually happened.

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A 19-year-old teenager from Southern France was reported to have gone into labour and given birth on a nightclub dance floor.


Superman That… Baby?

According to The Sun, the incident had taken place at O’Club in Toulouse. The club’s manager explained that the she was informed of the situation just as they were closing.

The bouncer had seen the 19-year-old lying amongst a crowd of clubbers. According to the young woman, she felt her stomach ache. However, the pain was far from any regular upset tummy. She was unable to walk.

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The young lady had reportedly gone to the club upon a friend’s invite. She had wanted “a change of scene due to personal problems.”

“There were not many people and a bouncer came to see me. He said, ‘it’s urgent,’ I then saw that she was giving birth,” said Marie-Helene, the club’s manager.

The ambulance was called. However, they soon realised that the girl had to give birth there and then.

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“We had to react quickly. An employee was on the phone with the emergency services who told us what to do,” explained Marie-Helene to local media.

It was a magical moment for both the staff and the new mother. What a way to welcome a child into the world.

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A Healthy Baby Boy 

Soon enough, the ambulance came and took both baby and mother to the hospital. A report by 20 minutes confirmed that the baby was a boy! Both mother and child are in stable condition.

What’s even greater is that the club’s manager announced that the baby will be subject to life-long’s worth of free entry into the club once he turns 16 years old. That’s what I call a benefit!

A party animal was born that fateful night.

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