19YO Accused of Killing His Father in Yishun Going for Psychiatric Assessment for 3 Weeks


A 19-year-old youth, Mr Sylesnar Seah Jie Kai, was accused of murdering his 47-year-old father in Yishun on 10 October 2022. The incident happened between the fourth and fifth floors of Block 653 Yishun Avenue 4 where they live.

The cause of death is currently still unknown as it was not indicated in the charge sheet for the capital offence.

However, it is known that the victim and his wife are business partners that deals with buying, selling and rental of properties. The couple has two sons and a daughter and Mr Seah was believed to be the youngest child.

It was previously stated on 13 October that the two deputy public prosecutors in charge of the case asked for a remand of seven days on the basis that the investigation was only in the infancy stage.

Furthermore, due to how the investigation is still in the early stages, the prosecutor mentioned that it was too early for Sylesnar to have access to his defence counsel.

The court initially rejected Sylesnar’s lawyer’s request to have access to Sylesnar and also did not allow the remand.

However, it is announced today, on 19 October 2022, that Mr Seah will be remanded for psychiatric assessment for three weeks.

His case has been adjourned to 9 Nov.

An Unreasonable Request He Previously Made at Court

Mr Seah was arrested at the scene and charged in court two days later after the incident.

During the court session, Mr Seah raised his cuffed hands and asked permission from the judge to speak, explaining that it was “concerning his life”.

After being granted permission, Sylesnar said, “I would like to make an unreasonable request, because I have already provided all the evidence I’m very sure, and I will cooperate in any way possible.”

“Well, the fact is the unreasonable request has to do with the sentencing of my life, it will not make much of a difference in my point of view, because if it’s a life sentence—”

However, before he could finish his statement, he was interrupted by Judge Terence Tay, who states that Sylesnar might be going into matters unsuitable to be raised in open court in the infancy stage of the investigation.

In other words, he should reveal whatever information privately to the investigators instead.

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