1st Half of March Would be Windy & Hot with Temperature Up to 35°C

According to rumours, some babies born in Singapore after 2010 learn how to say this question before any other words: “Wah, why so hot arh?”

And it’s understandable. Last month, temperature soared to 35.5°C in Choa Chu Kang on 9 February 2019, which led to BuffLord95 (who lives there) saying that the MRT announcements pronounced “Choa Chu Kang MRT Station” as “Chao Da Kang MRT Station”.

The maximum temperature daily was between 33.0°C and 35.5°C—by any standard, it was a hot, hot Chinese New Year.

But we’ve expected that: February is usually the hottest month of the year with the lowest rainfall.

Now that we’ve said goodbye to February 2019, would March be nice?

In short, it’ll still be hot.

Or in long, it’ll still be hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot.

March 2019 is Going to be a Melting Pot of Singapore

The weatherman has spoken and here’s the bad news: the first half of March is still going to be dry and warm.

You might have realised that some of you thin people have been carried away by the strong winds in recent days: that’s set to continue as the Northeast Monsoon season is still over Singapore, with the wind blowing from the northwest or northeast.

So if you’re underweight and live in the north, you can just jump and the wind would probably carry you to VivoCity.

The wind would, unfortunately, also carry the heat over.

In the next two weeks, most of the days would be dry, with only about four to five days of short showers in the afternoon. Just like February, the rainfall is expected to be lower than average.

Now here’s the badder worse news: March 2019 is going to be hotter than February 2019.

Daily temperature is expected to be between 24°C and 34°C, and on a few days, it could go up to 35°C. That’s enough to turn those wild boars in Punggol into roasted pork, but fret not: that area is filled with forest so it most likely would be that hot.

But for people living in Chao Da Kang, all the best, given that the previous high was recorded there.

Haze Coming Too

If the heat isn’t enough to convince you to service your air-conditioner, and this might: Haze might be coming back.

You probably know about this if you’ve come in to our app daily, but if you didn’t (why not?!), here’s the bad news: due to a hotspot in Johor, there’s a chance that a haze might cloud our atmosphere.

According to NEA, a fire was detected in Johor about 50km to the east and northeast of Singapore on 26 February 2019, and while a rain has put out the fire, the dry weather could result in more fires, which of course lead to the burning smell we’ve become so accustomed to recently.

So here’s a PSA from Goody Feed: drink more water, service your air-conditioner and continue to exercise regularly…because even with the “haze”, the PSI is still healthy unless otherwise stated.

And come to our app daily. If you depend on Facebook to inform of you a haze, you’d only know about it when the haze is over since Facebook algorithm would sometimes push old news to you.

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