2 Haunted Stories in S’pore to Scare Little Kids This 7th Month


Last Updated on 2022-07-30 , 2:40 pm

Are you a free thinker who don’t believe that things like ghosts exist? Do you believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry, or do you think that the Hungry Ghost Festival is just a way for parents to scare their kids?

Well, for a start, watch this video to know what you should’t do during the seventh month:

Well, the writers at Goody Feed believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and we dug out two haunted stories that took place in Singapore during the seventh month.

Best of all, it happened to people who didn’t really believe in ghosts.

The lift that kept stopping at Level 3

It was 3am in the morning when she reached her block. It was Hungry Ghost Festival, but being a self-proclaimed free thinker, she decided that clubbing was more important than following the “silly” traditions her parents believed in.


Pressing the button for her level (nine), she busied herself chatting with her friends on WhatsApp. The door opened and she walked out but it was level three. Cursing in her mind at the inconsiderate people who pressed the button, she walked back in and closed the lift door, immersing herself in her phone again.

When the door opened again, she saw that she was still at level three. Getting angry, she shouted at the pranksters to come out, you all got nothing better to do, is it? Feeling better after venting her anger, she went back in. Pressing the button again, she paid full attention this time and saw that the lift was going up.

Finally. That was until she caught something out of the corner of her eye. She turned around and saw something before fainting. She woke up with bruises littering her body and a headache in a temple.

Till this day, she couldn’t remember what she saw or what happened after. Her parents told her she came back home and hit the door with her head continuously, waking them up. When they opened the door, she walked into the house without greeting them and went into her room, knocking into tables and chairs.

She began pinching herself and would get violent if her father attempted to restrain her. After a few hours, she fell asleep and got a high fever.

Getting worried, her father brought her to the temple. They said a spirit was offended when she called out to it. They managed to pacify the spirit and convince it to leave, treasuring the time it has left before the doors close.

We do not know what happened to this girl after the incident.

Stepping on incense and knocking over offerings

This was something we saw floating on the net and we knew it has to be shared because most, if not all of us, were guilty of doing the same thing at one point in our life.

We all know we’re not supposed to mess around with any offerings on the ground during the Hungry Ghost Festival because we might not like the result.

However, all these pale in comparison to the fact that he’s late for class. He ran across patches of grass in his rush to school and made a few (insincere) apology for the offerings he stepped on.

He knocked over a candle but didn’t stop to pick it back up. Turning around and offering a quick bow, he ran off.

According to this friend of mine, everything that comes after was a blur. He started breaking down, apologising profusely and crying non-stop about seeing figures around the classroom.

He was taken out from school and had a high fever. His parents found out what happened and made him burn offerings at the spot where he knocked over a candle. They pleaded for leniency and made their son ask for forgiveness.

He recovered after two days and couldn’t really remember the incident clearly. What he did remember was an apparition which only he could see.


From then on, he took care to only walk on pavements, and he’ll shut himself at home whenever the seventh month comes around.

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