Over 200 People Fined Yesterday (12 Apr) for Not Complying With Safe-Distancing Rules

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When the circuit breaker measures were implemented, it was almost expected that there would be people who would knowingly flout the rules.

Even after numerous reminders to abide by the rules by various ministers, this hasn’t changed.

Over 200 People Fined Yesterday (12 Apr) for Not Complying With Safe-Distancing Rules

Over 200 composition fines were issued on Sunday to members of the public who failed to abide by the elevated safe distancing measures.

This comprised of 30 offences that were committed at hawker centres and markets.

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Police assistance was required for over 20 cases when members of the public did not cooperate, according to the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources in a statement.

152 Enforcement Action Taken Over Long Weekend

A grand total of 152 enforcement actions, including 32 fines were taken over the long weekend against those who failed to abide by the safe distancing rules at or near markets and cooked food sections of hawker centres, said that National Environment Agency (NEA) in another statement.

On Sunday alone, 30 fines of S$300 were handed out after 380 enforcement officers were put on duty to ensure that members of the public abide by the safe distancing measures.

On Friday, around 28 cases required police assistance in instances where members of the public did not cooperate when asked to comply, NEA said in a statement.

On Saturday, it was announced that anyone who did not abide by the circuit breaker measures would be slapped with a S$300 fine instantly.

In other words, you won’t get a warning beforehand if you choose to flout the rules.

Those who don’t learn their lesson the first time, aka repeat offenders, will be slapped with even higher fines or face prosecution in court for egregious cases, said NEA.

190 SG Clean Ambassadors Deployed

Over 190 SG Clean Ambassadors were also deployed on Sunday to remind members of the public that eating and drinking, or any form of loitering isn’t allowed at or near the cooked food sections of hawker centres.

This was because on Friday, crowds were still large at a few hotspots where popular markets are located.

These include Geylang Serai, block 505 Jurong West Street 52, blocks 104 and 105 Yishun Ring Road and blocks 20 and 21 Marsiling Lane.

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The largest crowds that were spotted were comprised of as long as 100 people at these markets, with some of the queues reportedly starting as early as before 7am.

“Over the course of the long weekend, adherence to safe distancing requirements remained high and the queues that formed outside popular markets became more orderly and manageable as the weekend progressed, with the overall crowds at markets thinning about 50 per cent from Friday to Sunday,” NEA said.

Patrons of Markets Wearing Masks

Lest you’re unaware, those visiting markets will now be required to wear masks before being allowed entry.

Further, they’re encouraged to change their market hours to avoid the morning crowds and to visit once a week.

“Patrons are encouraged to further adjust to make market visits once a week, preferably on weekdays and at non-peak periods between 10am and 12pm on weekends, where fresh produce is still available,” NEA said.

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At the end of the day, it’s each and every one of our responsibility to play our part by abiding by the circuit breaker measures.

NEA said, “We are monitoring the situation closely and may take stronger measures if the crowd situation does not improve, to help support the current circuit breaker and halt the transmission of Covid-19 in Singapore.”