All the 2020 NDP ‘Bloopers’ Despite the Fact That It’s Not a Usual NDP


For this year’s National Day Parade (NDP), residents managed to watch popular segments such as the Mobile Column and Red Lions from their homes and void decks, as numerous activities were brought closer to the heartlands.

While this provided a more immersive experience for Singaporeans, it also meant that any mistakes made by performers were more likely to be captured on camera by spectators on the streets.

And that’s exactly what happened. Here are all the bloopers in this year’s NDP.

Large Tank Snapped By Red Light Camera

Mammoth military tanks are not exactly a common sight on the streets of Singapore. Even if they were, you’d expect them to glide along at a leisurely pace.

That’s why it was a little surprising to see one getting snapped by a red light camera during the Mobile Column.

Image: Facebook (Flora Col)

I wouldn’t want to be that driver right now.

TP Bike in Mobile Column Breaks Down 

As you know, the large military vehicles on show during the Mobile Column are usually escorted by the police.

Unfortunately, one traffic police officer was left behind as his bike broke down.

Two men had to make use of all the Nasi Lemak they had for breakfast that day and pushed the bike as hard as they could, but it struggled to come back to life.

The Wrong Flag

At some point during the parade, President Halimah Yacob wanted to show her national pride by waving the tiny Singapore flag, but instead of picking the one next to her, she tried to remove one that was fixed in place.

Image: Twitter (KimJisooCult)
Image: Twitter (KimJisooCult)

Oh well, at least no one saw it, right?

Speeding Past a TP Officer at a Traffic Junction

You’re at a traffic junction where all the vehicles have stopped because a military tank is passing through.

What do you do?

a) Wait with them, and avoid death

b) Risk death and try to evade the TP officer


For some reason, one biker went with option b) during NDP 2020, and tried to speed past an officer while a large tank was approaching.

Maybe he received a text from his girlfriend saying her parents had gone out for some Wanton Mee? In any case, all he got in the end was a 30-second lecture from the officer, after which he was forced to walk his bike back.

Foodpanda Rider Waves During Mobile Column

If you left your bed and Netflix account on National Day to watch the Mobile Column, you would have seen some officers waving to onlookers like the queen would to her subjects.

Image: Giphy

But one Foodpanda rider who happened to be behind these officers stole the limelight by waving to all his ‘fans’.


Impatient Foodpanda Rider Trying His Luck

If you were caught in the slow moving Mobile Column, with several officers in front of you riding slower than your grandfather sends you a message on WhatsApp, there’s really no escape.

One impatient Foodpanda rider tried to speed his way out of the group, but failed miserably.

Rolling Credits Before President Comes on Stage

At the end of the evening show, the host thanks President Halimah Yacob for attending the event and is surprised when she approaches the stage, presumably to say a few words or wave at audiences.

However, the credits start rolling before the President even comes on stage, which is a little awkward, to say the least.

Starts at the 2.38.33. mark.


It wouldn’t be a proper National Day without some blunders, would it?