20YO M’sian Steals Phone From 15YO Girl; Resorts To Physically Assaulting Her

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We are always told to be wary of our surroundings especially when we’re alone because you will never know what could happen.

One moment you could be walking along the pavement, the next moment you could be on the ground because someone hit you with their PMD.

Another moment you could be just jogging with your phone around your neck, the next moment someone is trying to yank it away from you.

That’s exactly what happened to this 15-year-old girl in Cheras, a district in KL.

What Happened

On the morning of 12 October, the 15-year-old girl was out jogging around Taman Midas, Cheras while she hung her phone around her neck, according to China Press.

When she was least expecting it, a 20-year-old man comes up behind her on a motorbike and attempts to yank her phone from her neck. This force caused her to lose her balance and fall, injuring her palms and knees in the process.

A witness who saw the incident immediately started filming them.


In the video, the man pulls the girl by her shirt to prevent her from escaping and he tries once again to snatch her phone away from her. She protects her phone with all of her life and tries to crouch down. This only made the 20-year-old start hitting her in the back of her head.

And it is alarming because you can clearly hear the sound of each slap in the video. That’s how hard and loud he slapped her. 

The 15-year-old girl started screaming and the video cuts. We can only hope that the witness who took the video stopped filming because they went to intervene.

Image: China Press

The nerve of some people.

Image: Giphy


This incident was later reported to the police and they managed to arrest the man on 16 October at 11.30pm. The suspect was apparently jobless and it seems that he is a repeat offender as well because he was found to be involved in a few robberies and drug cases since three years ago.


They subsequently also did a urine test on him and found that he was a drug addict.

It is unfortunate that innocent people have to be hurt just to fuel the addiction of others.

If you are in need of money, try to get a job. Don’t resort to robbing innocent people or worse, causing them harm.

We hope that the girl is fine and doing better now. She definitely got the shock of her life and she was brave enough to try to fight off the heartless man.

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