22YO Man (Strawberry?) Scratches New BMW In Dealership Store To Force His Father To Get It For Him

Remember when you were a kid and saw a toy that you liked in the store?

You beg your parents for it and they said no.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s too expensive or you have no more space for toys at home.

All you can about is you’re not getting it. And you have to get it.

So you threw a big tantrum and cry while screaming and kicking the ground and everything else around you.

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Ah, good times.

But that was when you were a kid, and that behaviour was still kind of understandable.

Try any of these tricks with your parents today and they’re most likely to slap you or immediately disown you – but I guess this spoilt man (or child) didn’t get that memo to grow up.

He Wanted To Buy A Car

Ji Moubing, a 22-year-old Chinese man living in the Jiangxi city of Shangrao, China, visited a BMW dealership store on 25 Nov because he wanted to look at the cars there and buy one.

While he was there, a salesman showed him the different car models, and Ji seemed to take a huge interest in a certain dark blue sedan. Ji had previously told the salesman that as a reward for getting his driving license, his father agreed to buy a good car for him, so he was here to check out the cars.

Satisfied with the car, Ji then told the salesman to wait while he called his father to ask for permission to buy the sedan, as we all know that buying a BMW car doesn’t come cheap.

Uncalled For

Well, the call probably didn’t go well.

All of a sudden, Ji flew into a rage after the phone call, and to the salesman’s horror, he whipped out his keys and made a long, long scratch across the sleek body of the brand new BMW.

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Ji said that his father didn’t want to purchase the car for him, so in a manipulative effort to force his father to buy the car, he decided to scratch the car on purpose.

Image: Tenor


The shocked salesman then immediately made a police report with the CCTV footage as evidence.


However, Strawberry Ji remained unbothered when the police showed up and stood there calmly, claiming that he was planning to buy it anyway so he didn’t do anything wrong. Wah, this guy’s really something else.

Eventually, he was arrested by the police who are still investigating the case, and it still remains unknown if his father had to pay for the car or not.

Lesson learnt, kids – don’t deface or destroy objects in an attempt to get your parents to buy it.

Because although it may seem like a genius idea, it’s illegal. Or maybe, if you’re already a legal adult, buy it yourself with your own money!

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